Friday, April 4, 2014

Brussels: Police disperse protesters with water cannon April 4 , 2014 ........ waiting for CNBC to cover this any minute now ......

Brussels: Police disperse protesters with water cannon

Published time: April 04, 2014 12:08
Police have deployed water cannon to disperse a trade union protest in Brussels which has seen hundreds gather in the city center.

Labor protest sparks clashes in Brussels

Posted: Apr 04, 2014 8:21 AM EDTUpdated: Apr 04, 2014 8:21 AM EDT
BRUSSELS (AP) - Belgian police used water cannon and pepper spray on protesters who had showered them with oranges and cobblestones during a demonstration by labor unions demanding a better deal for Europe's working men and women.
The demonstration in Brussels, in which thousands took part peacefully, was called by the European Trade Union Confederation to protest austerity measures implemented across the 28-country European Union.
Protesters also voiced their concerns over social dumping, whereby businesses import cheaper workers to replace local hires, or export jobs to a low-wage country or area.
As well as paralyzing traffic Friday in the Belgian capital, the demonstration sent the U.S. Embassy into lockdown.

A new path for Europe - demonstration 4 April 2014, Brussels

April 03, 2014
PSI and EPSU affiliates in Europe will join a demonstration in Brussels on 4 April to demonstrate in favour of a new path for Europe. For EPSU it will be a moment to recall the disastrous effects to public services of the last five years of austerity measures.
The European Trade Union Confederation ETUC has organised the demonstration as European leaders prepare to gather in Brussels for their spring summit. By prolonging the financial and social crisis that is alienating millions of people across the union, European leaders continue to undermine the European project. The demonstration is a way for the European trade union movement to make their voice heard before the European elections.

PSI/EPSU affiliates will have two meeting points: at 8h15 at the EPSU offices (Rue Joseph II number 40, 1000 Brussels) Metro Arts-Loi. The second meeting point is at 9h15 in Rue Gineste-Metro Rogier in front of the Crowne Plaza hotel. Please watch out for the EPSU van with EPSU logos and banners.