Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Police State Updates March 4 , 2014 - Connecticut Carry challenges Connecticut to enforce its law or back off ..... Houston issues cease and desist order - to its citizens who attempt to email the City ....... Taser deaths and unwillingness by States and Police Departments to disclose information...... Verizon reveals more details about NSA spying on its customers......

Molon Labe: Connecticut Gun Group Issues Ultimatum to Government

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Either enforce gun ban or repeal law
Paul Joseph Watson
March 4, 2014
After gun owners in Connecticut revolted against a gun control law by refusing to register their assault rifles and high capacity magazines, one Second Amendment group is calling on the government to either enforce gun confiscation or repeal the law in full.
Image: Assault Rifle (YouTube).
Following the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012, Connecticut passed a law which banned ammunition magazines capable of carrying more than 10 rounds. Residents who had acquired such magazines before the law came into effect were mandated to register them with state police by January 1, 2014. The law also banned assault rifles manufactured after 1994, requiring them to be declared to authorities.
Weeks after the deadline expired, authorities revealed that just 50,016 assault weapons and 38,290 ammunition magazines had been registered, meaning that some 320,000 assault rifles and around 2.4 million high capacity magazines were not declared.
Now the Second Amendment organization Connecticut Carry is calling on authorities to “enforce the tyranny they passed or repeal it entirely.”
“State officials look down the barrel of the laws that they created, and it is very probably that they now tremble as they rethink the extremity of their folly. Connecticut Carry calls on every State official, every Senator, and every Representative, to make the singular decision: Either enforce the laws as they are written and let us fight it out in court, or else repeal the 2013 Gun Ban in its entirety,” states the group’s press release.
In calling the state’s bluff, gun owners are setting the stage for a showdown that could sink the draconian law and set the precedent for the rest of the country.
“If the state does not have the stomach to enforce these laws, then the legislature has until May 7th, 2014 to completely repeal these immoral edicts and let the residents of Connecticut return to their rightfully owned property and former exercise of constitutional rights and practices without any threat of State violence,” adds the press release.
Last month it emerged that Connecticut residents who failed to register their assault weapons or high capacity magazines before the January 1 deadline had received letters from CT State Police ordering them to either make their guns and ammo inoperable, sell them to a licensed dealer, or turn them in at a local police station.
When one woman asked Connecticut State Police Spokesman Lt. Paul Vance if police would engage in door to door gun confiscations during a phone call, Vance labeled her “anti-American.”
“I want to know, if it comes down to it, will the police go to my home if my husband refuses to give up a weapon that was formerly legal and now has been made illegal by a corrupt legislature?” she asked. “Will the police actually go to my home and threaten my family, ’cause I’m scared to death?”
“Ma’am, it sounds like you’re anti-American, it sounds like you’re anti-law. I can’t answer your question,” Lt. Vance answered.
When the woman reminded Vance that he was a public servant, he churlishly shot back, “I’m the master, Ma’am, I’m the master.”

Houston Issues “Cease & Desist” to Stop Citizens Communicating With Their Government

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City officials decry “excessive number of e-mails”
Paul Joseph Watson
March 4, 2014
Image: Houston City Hall (Wiki Commons).
The City of Houston has issued a “cease and desist” order to prevent its own citizens from contacting their government in order to lobby for the introduction of Uber, a mobile phone-enabled taxi ordering service.
Attempting to tackle the problem of city officials bowing to the demands of taxi/limo companies who fear the threat of competition that Uber will bring, the company invited Houston residents to fill in a petition and send it to city managers encouraging them to consider the introduction of Uber’s service.
The city of Houston responded by issuing a cease and desist order demanding that Uber stop asking Houston residents to contact their own elected representatives.
From: Feldman, David M. – LGL Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 8:46 AM
To: Miller, Robert
Subject: Uber Cease and Desist
Robert – Please consider this as a formal demand that your client, Uber, cease and desist from transmitting or aiding in the transmission of form e-mails to City officials regarding the adoption of an ordinance to accommodate their enterprise. Despite my informal request to you by telephone on Monday, the excessive number of e-mails has gone unabated, to the point that it has become harassing in nature and arguably unlawful. Failure to cease and desist will be met with appropriate action by the City.
David M. Feldman
City Attorney
City of Houston
“It’s ridiculous for Feldman to argue that citizens contacting their own elected officials is a form of harassment and somehow illegal. And, of course, the end result of this is that it just drives that much more attention to the issue (and probably even more emails),” writes TechDirt’s Mike Masnick.
Such behavior is also likely to exacerbate mounting frustration amongst Americans that government at all levels is more unresponsive and less representative than ever before.
Many have joked that the only part of the government which actually seems to be listening is the NSA, and the actions of Houston city officials in this case will do little to change that perception.

State refuses to release records in Taser death

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Jason Clayworth
Des Moines Register
March 4, 2014
The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is refusing to release records in a Worth County case in which a man died after being tased at least four times by law enforcement officers.
All officers involved in the Sept. 22 tasings were cleared of wrongdoing in December by Worth County Attorney Jeffrey Greve.
But Greve told the Register in December that he neither reviewed any records nor conducted any interviews before concluding that the officers were justified in tasing Michael Zubrod.

Verizon Reveals More About Federal Spying on Customers

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Josh Peterson
March 4, 2014
Verizon updated its transparency report Monday to include orders issued by the nation’s spy court.
During the first six months of 2013, the nation’s spy court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, ordered Verizon between zero to 999 times to hand over content for 4,000 to 4,999 customer selectors.
During that same time, the court issued the company between zero to 999 “non-content” orders to hand over information affecting zero to 999 customer selectors.
This article was posted: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 2:28 pm

Dead man’s mother said Hialeah, Fl. police used a Taser on her son

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Charles Rabin
Miami Herald
March 4, 2014
Four days after a man died while in the custody of Hialeah police, the department has yet to disclose any information other than the man’s name.
The dead man’s mother, however, identified him as Treon “Tree” Johnson, 27, a featured fighter in local filmmaker Billy Corben’s upcoming movie about bare-knuckle backyard brawls in Perrine.
Angela Curry said a Hialeah police detective said her son died Thursday afternoon after they found him on a rooftop throwing coconuts at a dog that had bitten him.