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Is the Malaysian Airline Flight 370 " disappearance " the opening act for a colossal false flag event ? Let's connect some dots and examine some of the peculiar facts ...... As amazing as the facts are , if we consider this could be a hijack rather than a tragic accident , the next question is to what ultimate purpose ? Examination of potential targets , motivations of different potential actors , FWIW speculation extrapolated from information and official commentary through March 13 , 2014 !

Let's connect some dots......

Hmm , Dick Cheney just happens to warn of EMP on .......2/27/14 ? Before Flight 370 !

And here we are presently wondering what the heck is going on ?

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider

( conspiracy theories are natural when the facts are as bizarre as the facts here...)

Sary Shagan, Kazakhstan, one of tens of thousands of places missing MH370 and 239 passengers could be in what increasingly appears to be a high-tech military operation.
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Signs that missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 is a hostile military operation are mounting almost hourly. Recent indicators of this are data proving the Boeing 777 was deliberately diverted off course using a military tactic of flying as low as 5,000ft (1,500 metres) to avoid detection by radar, confirmation it flew low and close to frightened villagers reporting they heard but could not see it, a British anti-terrorism expert calling the plane a remotely controlled “smart plane,” and a Pentagon official warning that a country with capacity to hijack planes at will for geopolitical motive cannot be ruled out.

The question asked around the world is how could a jet vanish, while some attribute the baffling act to supernatural properties and others invoke voodoo. Words by scientist and writer Arthur C. Clarke have possibly never been as apropos.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Clarke said.                                                           
Experts now say the aircraft was possibly on the ground when it sent its satellite signals, especially the last ping. Ground support staff, who might have worked on the plane, along with passengers and crew ,are being investigated. Police say no links have been found between MH370′s Captain Shah and any militant group. 

Whoever altered the path of the jet, and disabled ACARS and the transponder, “had to be a passenger or crew member who knew how this airliner is flown, and how those systems are disabled, in great detail,” many news reports state. A criminal inquiry is under way, searching for anything that might implicate a passenger or crew member. Repeatedly omitted is another possibility: that the plane has been remotely controlled, despite drones being President Barack Obama’s weapon of choice.

Potential hijackers, officials say, range from terrorists to a foreign government. With the US and Russia at each other’s throats, and the US openly employing terrorists for its political gain, many are eyeing both those governments as suspects. 

US counter-terrorism officials are reportedly examining whether the plane’s route might have changed with an “intention of using it later for another purpose” and its transponders were intentionally turned off to avoid radar detection. If data provided and a Pentagon official’s speculation are accurate, U.S. aggression against Russia of late could have prompted the Kremlin to show the world it won’t be bullied by the US, thus it seized the plane and flew it to a secret facility.

On the other hand, it’s as feasible, if not more so, that the US created this latest crisis to blame it on Russia, and thus justify more aggressive action against the Kremlin, in other words, another false flag made in the USA. Both possibilities seem irrational choices of action, but both sides have made irrational choices of late.

Military operatives using the passenger plane as a false flag today is a reality as much as it was forty years ago, when the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff suggested shooting down a military drone airplane, pretending it was a real plane, and then blaming the attack on Cubans as a way to justify an invading Cuba.  

“There appears to be an element of planning from someone with a very sophisticated systems engineering understanding,” stated  Dr. Sally  Leivesley, a British anti-terrorism expert. ”This is a very early version of what I would call a smart plane, a fly-by-wire aircraft controlled by electronic signals.” 

One reason the Malaysia Airline captain’s simulator is of interest is that it could have been programmed  – by him or someone without his knowing – to remotely control the MH370. Airplanes have been flown by remote-control since 1917, as Wikipedia notes: In 1917, Archibald Low, head of the RFC [Britain's Royal Flying Corps] Experimental Works, was the first person to use radio control successfully on an aircraft. Dr. Schindler called this ”some kind of hijack scenario.”

Officials have said the Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane could have followed a flight path toward Turkmenistan while the Wall Street Journal reports it was automatically sending data to Boeing headquarters well after it dropped off radar screens. Boeing has remained tight-lipped about the MH370, as it was in another untracked Boeing flight event just over one year ago.
Flying under the radar, a highly dangerous act called “terrain masking,” was probably conducted to avoid radar in at least three countries, investigators believe, according to Lynsday Murdock with the Sydney Morning Herald.  Also to avoid detection, the Boeing 777 with 239 people on board, stuck to commercial airline routes to prevent suspicion by countries it flew over during seven hours after turning back from its scheduled flight path over the South China Sea, investigators believe. Terrain masking is used by military pilots for stealth flights. The plane’s manifest shows over 20 high-tech passengers linked to the military.

“Experts say flying a Boeing 777 in such a way would be dangerous, putting pressure on the 250 tonnes air frame and possibly causing those on board to be air sick,” Murdock reported.  Aviation safety expert Sidney Dekker, of the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, dismissed the idea that flying at 5,000 ft would put extensive strain on the airframe.
“The only really relevant effect is a dramatic increase in fuel use – its range would be very much shortened by that,” Dekker said.
The plane flew low over the state of Kelantan in peninsular Malaysia, investigators have confirmed. That is where police reports had been filed by villagers, as Dupré reported as a sign of life and possible application of electronic weaponry to cloak the aircraft so it would not be seen, heard only, as villagers described.
Eight Marang islanders have filed police reports about hearing a loud and frightening noise. Some even ran toward the sound to see what was causing it – but saw nothing. That was about nine hours after the plane took off.
One villager, Alias Salleh, 36, said he and seven fellow villagers were seated on a bench about 400 metres from the Marang beach at 1.20 A.M. when they heard a noise that sounded like the fan of a jet engine.

Alias Salleh, a truck driver told Malaysia’s The Sun Daily, he and friends ran towards the source of the noise, “but did not see anything unusual.” The noise sounded like “the fan of a jet engine,” he said.

“My friends and I heard the ringing noise for about two minutes,” Mohd Yusri Mohd Yusof, a 34-year-old villager, said.

Experts say they’re working to determine exactly how far the plane could have flown with fuel on board. It would have been close to running out when it was recorded in raw satellite data at 8.11am after departing Kuala Lumpur airport at 12.31am. Malaysia Airlines confirms no additional fuel than normal was on the plane in Kuala Lumpur, so it would have had enough for the almost six-hour flight to Beijing plus 45 minutes of fuel to spare. Now, however, investigators are factoring that the plane would have burned more fuel flying in denser lower air. Erratic manoeuvres such as the zig-zgas that were recorded, would also have eaten into the fuel’s reserves.

After a week, Kuala Lumpur calculated from Immarsat satellite data the plane sent six “pings,” also known as electronic handshakes, after its communications equipment was deliberately disabled by some-one on board. A seventh ping never came, indicating the plane either landed and the engine was shut off, or it crashed. Considering the high degree of expertise and planning that would have gone into this event, it is more likely the seventh ping was prevented to maintain secrecy, with investigators still obligatred to search for a crashed aircraft.

Malaysia Government released the following infographic chart of incidents:

Investigators are working to narrow the last possible observation of flight MH370 after satellite information revealed it was in one of two vast corridors: a northern area stretching from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand; and a southern range stretching from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.

Officials concur the plane was deliberately diverted from its route to Beijing deliberately not long after it took off from Kuala Lumpur just after midnight on 8 March. It is unknown if this divertion was conducted manually on the plane or remotely.

The bottom line is that as of today, uncertainties remain about location and timing of when the plane’s communication system was turned off. In the press conference, Hishamuddin said the Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (Acars) was turned off just after the plane flew over Kota Baru. The transponder was turned off near the Igari waypoint over South China Sea. Malaysia Airlines chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, however, said the Acars system could have been turned off any time during a 30-minute period, according to Reuters. What’s certain is the plane has been flown by someone with military training. 

Rejecting the accusation that Malaysia denied the FBI’s involvement from the start, Hishammuddin stated Malaysia has been working with the FBI since day one. The Obama administration, however, has remained tight-lipped about the crisis. His NSA is either well aware of the whereabouts of the plane, or is waiting to appear to be saving the day by publicly declaring its weherabouts, thus justifying its existence that’s caused nations globally to criticize it.

Malaysia Airlines’ CEO said the investigation shows the last message sent by the flight came from the co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid. Those words were, “All right, good night.” As media says, what that means is anyone’s guess. Pressed on that last message, he refused to say if there was any sign of stress in the voice. More analysis of the recording is taking place, authorities said. 

Hishammuddin’s opening remarks at the press conference are below:
During the last 24 hours, the Prime Minister has spoken to the Prime Minister of Australia and the Premier of China. Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent diplomatic notes to all countries involved in the search and rescue operation.
This includes two groups: first, countries in the search corridors; and second, countries from which we are seeking assistance and expertise.
For countries in the search corridors, we are requesting radar and satellite information, as well as specific assets for the search and rescue operation. We are asking them to share their land, sea and aerial search and rescue action plans with the Rescue Co-ordination Centre here in Malaysia, so that we can co-ordinate the search effort. We have asked for regular updates, including daily reports on both search activities, and details of any information required from Malaysia.
We are not at liberty to reveal information from specific countries. As the co-ordinating authority we are gathering all information as part of the on-going search and rescue operation.

Search and rescue operations

Over the past 48 hours, Malaysia has been working on the diplomatic, technical and logistical requirements of the search for MH370. The number of countries involved in the search and rescue operation has increased to 26.
Malaysia continues to lead the overall co-ordination of the search effort. The southern corridor has been divided into two sections, according to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) demarcations.
These demarcations were agreed by the ICAO – of which Malaysia is a council member – before MH370 went missing. Australia and Indonesia have agreed to lead search and rescue operations in their respective regions as demarcated by the ICAO.
Today, I can confirm that search and rescue operations in the northern and southern corridors have already begun.
Countries including Malaysia, Australia, China, Indonesia and Kazakhstan have already initiated search and rescue operations.
The Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Royal Malaysian Navy have deployed assets to the southern corridor. Two Malaysian ships have been deployed: the offshore patrol vessels KD Kelantan and KD Selangor. This deployment also includes a Super Lynx helicopter, which can operate from either ship.
Australia has already moved a P-3 Orion aircraft to region of the Cocos and Christmas Islands. Today, the Prime Minister of Australia confirmed that Australia will send an additional two P-3 Orions and a C-130 Hercules. A US P-8 Poseidon aircraft will be travelling to Perth today to help with the search.
With the NSA’s reported technology to track suspects, many question why the US has been unable to find the suspects involved with the plane and the planes itself. Others say it’s a ruse, a psychological operation on the world’s citizenry for geopolitical gain.
“So far we have not had any evidence from telephone companies of any number that is trying to [make] contact. But we are still checking the records,” chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said During the press conference.  

Russian Military

Tensions escalating over Russia’s military deployment in Crimea plus warning it could also move into eastern Ukraine to protect Russians and Russian speakers there, have brought one of its facilities in the mix. A veteran US Air Force pilot suggested this reporter consider this facility as a possible haven for MH370′s passengers and crew.

In the seemingly less likely scenario that the 10-day flight MH370 crisis is conducted by the Russian military, it is postulated that the plane and passengers could have been taken to one of the most remote points to the north it could possibly have reached: Kazakhstan. There, at 46° 1′ 52.64″ N  73° 29′ 6.37″ E.  is a massive secret Russian military facility, Sary Shagan. It’s the primary research and development and test center for Russian Aerial Ballistic Misile systems. Leased from the Kazakh government it’s on the west coast of Lake Balkhash.

Sary Shagan has hosted Balkhash-9 radars station since 1960s and still functions as part of the Russian missile attack early warning network. 
  Sary Shagan provides coverage of western and central China, India, Pakistan and submarine missile launches in the Bay of Bengal. It’s military town is called Balkhash-9 (Балхаш-9). The station is 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) east of the village of Gulshat in Karagandy Province and 90 kilometres (56 mi) north east of Priozersk, the civillian town for Sary Shagan. 
US Military 

The US military’s direct involvement seems more than likely. The U.S. and EU are becoming increasing aggressive toward the Ukraine and Russia. Determined to take control of the Ukraine for geopolitical reasons, rather than allow Russia’s continued strong relationship with it, the U.S. and EU have just agreed to place sanctions placed on the Ukraine, and expanded it to include Russia.

Another US-led false flag is worth consideration. The following information from Veterans Today editor Gordon Duffi is worth deeply considering regarding a false flag.

A series of hacked emails from “Anonymous Ukraine” show Pentagon officials working in concert with extremist elements in the Ukraine to conduct more attacks in Ukraine, and blame Russia,  including blowing up planes at an airport, according to Duff, who said, “ Other attacks might include mass civilian casualties.”

The long series of emails include several Duff calls “frighteningly incriminating,” sayuing the following is first of the “worst,” of three “smoking gun” false flag planning documents:
Events are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network.
I think it’s time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.
It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.
Do not waste time, my friend.
Jason P. Gresh
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Assistant Army Attaché
U.S. Embassy, Kyiv
Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112
(380-44) 521 – 5444 | Fax (380-44) 521 – 5636
‘Framing up the neighbor’ as Lt. Col. Gresh states so inelegantly defines false flag terrorism.  Other documents, including a White Paper done by the International Centre for Policy Studies in Kiev dated March 4, 2014, warns of Russian ‘conspiracy theories.’
The Centre’s White Paper provides what intelligence experts call ‘deception and cover’ for terror attacks planned, as we learn, by the US Army working with Ukrainian military officials and terrorist groups.
The email below, copied to COL Igor PROTSYK, Chief, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division, Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO, General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine, not only outlines a terror attack to be blamed on Russian Special Forces, it actually includes a map of where the wreckage is to be found:
Oleg, an urgent need poshumity (sic) on behalf of Russians at the airport in Melitopol. This should be done by March 15 . Sam understands why.
First of all you must contact Pasha Tarasenko. You must know him , he is a local Liberty and has a theme.
Before you arrive 10-12 boys from the Centre. Top fighters Trident. Chief Mike there, you should know it too . Details will know him. We need people to meet and provide everything you need.
Proceed with caution. Speak only Russian. 25 team is executing combat missions, so do not do them much damage to aircraft . There is a lot of scrap metal, with it you can do anything. Damaged aircraft you specify. It is essential that all was as real attack neighbor’s Special Forces. But without corpses.
Give me again your account. The money will come in time, do not worry. See the appendix . This is an example of action. Decisions are made in person.
Will publication of this hacked email actually stop the upcoming attack on Melitopol?  When they specify that corpses aren’t needed, does this mean that they are planning on getting them elsewhere?

“When they say ‘the money will come in time,’ are they aware of sequestration and how the US has been paying its bills less quickly than before?” Duff asks.

Pasha Tarasenko on his “My Space” account prominently features a photograph of a man in a Ukrainian Army officers dress uniform.
In this final email about the upcoming terror attack on Melitopol airport, Colonel Protsyk says about the operation:
Basil , you must quickly carry out proactive in Melitopol. There’s 25 aviation brigade . Must zamaraty our sworn friends and good neighbors. I think you understand me.
Just proceed carefully and cautiously. 25 brigade combat mission out , so do not do them much damage to aircraft.
There is already damaged aircraft , that He can do everything. Yihny board numbers you give. Remember , you need everything to be as real attack of the Russian Special Forces.
Brigade commander there is a reasonable man . Details of know he will not, but in extreme cases it can turn to. We did come.
Chief, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division
Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO
General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine
tel +38044 481-5407
Cell +38067 407 97 40
e-mail: i.v.protsyk @
It began with what is believed to have been US-backed terrorist sniper, supposedly hired by the “new” Ukrainian government killing their own supporters. Duff, highlights the proven US involvement through the infamous Victoria Nuland phone conversation, “America ‘anointing’ their chosen terrorists to stage a confrontation with Russia.

A second call, “between Estonian Foreign Minister, Urmas Paet and EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ahston gave us that ‘smoking gun,’ that the current cabal in Kiev are terrorists and criminals.

It is not secret that the US is hiring terrorists, planning attacks, working with the Ukrainian Army and Neo-Nazi groups, and Duff adds, “to blow up planes, attack airports and clearly do so in order to blame Russia and inflame the world to the point of war.”
“Many of other documents show planning and logistic support through Bulgaria with PowerPoints in English. Mixed in with the documents are a selection of NATO unclassified news reports,” he says. “What can be safely assumed? The US government, certainly the State Department and US Army are involved.  NATO involvement is a given. The current rulers in Kiev are proving to be the criminal element predicted by Catherine Ashton of the EU and so many others.

“What we do have is a clear smoking gun, not just names but personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers and language that can never be mistaken,” Duff asks. “Gladio based false flag terrorism is alive and well, there can be no question.”

What Duff describes could be transferred to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. 

Sources: Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, Reuters, Herald Sun, Veterans Today, Malaysia Government

Missing Malaysian plane may have flown up to five hours, U.S. officials say

The search for a missing Malaysian jetliner with 239 people on board could expand west into the Indian Ocean based on information that the plane may have flown for four more hours after it dropped from radar, U.S. officials said Thursday.
A senior American official said the information came from a data stream sent directly by engines aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. If the two engines on the Boeing 777 functioned for up to four additional hours, that could strengthen concern that a rogue pilot or hijacker took control of the plane early Saturday over the Gulf of Thailand.
All other communication with the plane ended after 1 a.m. At that point, the pilot signed off with Malaysian air traffic controllers with a casual “All right, good night,” according to news reports. Within 30 minutes the transponder signal the plane was sending to ground-based radar stations went dark.
If the plane flew on for hours, it’s likely that someone in the cockpit manually turned off the transponder and the radio.
“The fact that a modern airplane with a huge amount of redundancy appeared to change course at the same time that the transponder was turned off, that suggests that someone unauthorized took control of that airplane, like an intruder or one of the pilots,” said a U.S. flight crash expert who spoke on condition of anonymity because is not directly involved in the investigation.
Other U.S. officials said their information did not reveal in what direction the plane flew — or whether it simply circled — during that time. Four hours of additional flight could have put the plane somewhere over the Indian Ocean, far from its Beijing destination, prompting officials to consider whether the search area should be expanded.
Modern airplanes send some information in a steady stream to their owners, the company that built them or the firm that built their engines. In the final minutes before Air France Flight 477 plunged into the Atlantic almost five years ago it sent 29 automatic error messages to the airline’s home base in France.
The Wall Street Journal first reported that U.S. investigators suspect that the engines on the Malaysia Airlines flight kept running for up to four more hours after the plane reached its last known location. The paper later corrected its report to say that this belief was based on satellite data that was designed to report on the status of some onboard systems, not signals from monitoring systems embedded in the plane’s Rolls-Royce engines. The Malaysian government denied the initial report.
In Washington, one senior administration official said the data about the plane engines came from the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System, or ACARS, a way that planes maintain contact with ground stations through radio or satellite signals. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of an ongoing investigation, said Malaysian authorities shared the flight data with the administration.
Malaysian authorities had earlier said that engine data was unavailable after the plane disappeared from civilian radar at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday. The last transmission from the engines came 26 minutes after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Airlines chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said.
“The last transmission was received at 1:07,” Ahmad told reporters. “It said everything is operating normally.”
Representatives from both Boeing and Rolls-Royce have been in Kuala Lumpur working with the airline, and neither received data after 1:07 a.m., Ahmad said. A Rolls-Royce spokeswoman refused to comment on the reports.
The search for Flight 370 has at times appeared chaotic and baffling — a mix of rumors, confusion and red herrings. The government in Kuala Lumpur acknowledged Thursday that it has made little progress in solving the mystery of the vanished plane.
“We have looked at every lead. In many cases, in fact all the cases, we have not found anything positive.” said Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s defense minister and acting transport minister.
“This just might be something we have never seen before,” said Steven B. Wallace, former director of the Federal Aviation Administration’s office of accident investigation, in an interview on Thursday.
Wallace said progress may be hampered because Malaysia lacks an investigative branch like the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.
“The pattern here is that the best information is not being immediately presented to the smartest people around who could look at it,” Wallace said. He noted that Malaysian authorities only revealed after several days that their military radar had picked up signs of a mysterious plane flying off Malaysia’s western coast after the passenger jet disappeared much further east.
Then, China disclosed three days after the fact that its satellites had picked up images of what appeared to be debris in the area where the plane might have vanished. No signs of the wreckage were ultimately found there.
“And then we have this new business about the engines sending [signals] automatically, also several days old,” said Wallace.
And the information about those engine signals is fraught with contradictions.
“Between Rolls Royce and Malaysia Air, they know whether they have that technology in place, yet we get conflicting reports,” he said.
In Washington, White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters that the United States is not in a position to draw any conclusions. However, he added, “it’s my understanding that based on some new information that’s not necessarily conclusive — but new information — an additional search area may be opened in the Indian Ocean.”
Search operations in the Indian Ocean, the world’s third-largest ocean with an average depth of nearly 12,800 feet, would present significant challenges.
The United States is “consulting with international partners about the appropriate assets to deploy,” Carney told reporters Thursday.
As the search area continued to widen, with nearly a dozen countries involved, the U.S. Navy said Thursday that it was shifting one of its ships involved in the hunt, the destroyer USS Kidd, from the Gulf of Thailand to the Malacca Strait on the western side of the Malay Peninsula.
The U.S. military also announced that it would add a P-8A Poseidon aircraft to the search on Friday. It will join a Navy P-3C Orion surveillance aircraft already patrolling in the area.
India’s Defense Ministry said Thursday that the Indian navy has launched its own search mission, sending two ships — the INS Kumbhir, an amphibious warfare ship, and the INS Saryu, a patrol vessel — into the Andaman Sea near the Malacca Strait. Indian coast guard and navy aircraft were also pressed into service.
Burma said it would open its airspace to planes looking for the missing airliner and was prepared to join the search if asked, the BBC reported.


U.S. counterterrorism officials are pursuing the possibility that a pilot or someone else on board the plane may have diverted it toward an undisclosed location after intentionally turning off the jetliner's transponders to avoid radar detection, according to one person tracking the probe.
The investigation remains fluid, and it isn't clear whether investigators have evidence indicating possible terrorism or sabotage. So far, U.S. national security officials have said that nothing specifically points toward terrorism, though they haven't ruled it out.
But the huge uncertainty about where the plane was headed, and why it apparently continued flying so long without working transponders, has raised theories among investigators that the aircraft may have been commandeered for a reason that appears unclear to U.S. authorities. Some of those theories have been laid out to national security officials and senior personnel from various U.S. agencies, according to one person familiar with the matter.
At one briefing, according to this person, officials were told investigators are actively pursuing the notion that the plane was diverted "with the intention of using it later for another purpose."
As of Wednesday it remained unclear whether the plane reached an alternate destination or if it ultimately crashed, potentially hundreds of miles from where an international search effort has been focused.
In those scenarios, neither mechanical problems, pilot mistakes nor some other type of catastrophic incident caused the 250-ton plane to mysteriously vanish from radar.
The latest revelations come as local media reported that Malaysian police visited the home of at least one of the two pilots.


On Thursday, Malaysian aviation officials said the flight could have flown for several hours after its last contact, but they said they had received no data indicating this.
The signals to satellites also are being analyzed to help determine the flight path of the plane after the transponders stopped working. The jet was originally headed for China, and its last verified position was half way across the Gulf of Thailand.
A total flight time of five hours after departing Kuala Lumpur means the Boeing 777 could have continued for an additional distance of about 2,200 nautical miles, reaching points as far as the Indian Ocean, the border of Pakistan or even the Arabian Sea, based on the jet's cruising speed.

What comes next if this was a hijack with an ulterior motive and follow up act to come ? And how could it be done ? One idea floated by Deborah Dupre ....

Malaysia jet hidden by Electronic Weaponry? 20 EW defense-linked passengers


See also

Did Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 people aboard tragically disintegrate in mid-flight, as official investigators postulate? Or has it been disappeared with electronic weaponry used inelectronic warfare that at least twenty passengers' employer is contracted by the Department of Defense to make, as this reporter posits?
While four passengers who boarded a missing Malaysian jet are under special investigation for stolen and other passport-related issues, twenty passengers were involved in cutting edge electronic technology used for defense purposes, including electronic warfare, such as weapons that can "cloak" or make planes invisible, appearing to vanish. If this is the case with the missing jet, the event points to terrorism.
The public is told that investigators report the missing Malaysian jet possibly "disintegrated" into thin air. "Officials investigating the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jetliner with 239 people on board suspect it may have disintegrated in mid-flight, a senior source said on Sunday, as Vietnam reported a possible sighting of wreckage from the plane,"Reuters reports.
Adding to the mysterious tragedy is that not one country checked databases for information about stolen passports used to board the Malaysia Airlines flight. Interpol said Sunday that not one country checked its database for information about stolen passports used to board the Malaysia Airlines flight.
Secretary general of Interpol, Ronald K. Noble, said Sunday no checks had been conducted by the authorities in Malaysia or any other country about the two passports before the Boeing 777-200 left on Flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
In a forceful statement, Mr. Noble warned “only a handful of countries” around the world routinely made such checks.
“This is a situation we had hoped never to see,” he said. “For years, Interpol has asked why should countries wait for a tragedy to put prudent security measures in place at borders and boarding gates.”
Catastrophic events occurring during the cruise phase of flight are exceedingly rare these days. Given the altitude, few opportunities for weather or piloting deficiencies exist. Even an engine failure would still provide options.
Two aspects not reported regarding the mystery are: 1) using today's electronic weaponry, a plane can seemingly "vanish," and 2) passengers aboard the missing Malaysia jet linking to contracts with the Department of Defense defense and high-tech electronic weaponry.
Today's electronic warfare (EW) capability includes weaponry that can hide planes. Electronic weaponry is not only available, it is being deployed. Is this being used to hide or "cloak" the "vanished" plane?
Cloaking technology
New electronic weapons allow jamming, blinding, deafening and more, so that a plane could possibly vanish from radar detection and security systems would not be activated. Basic radar Electronic Counter-Measure strategies used in electronic warfare (EW) are: 1) radar interference, 2) target modifications, and 3) changing electrical properties of air.
For example, a U.S. intelligence assessment described to The Daily Beast by current and former U.S. intelligence officials, concluded any Israeli attack on Iran would go far beyond fighter plane airstrikes and would likely deploy EW against Iran’s electric grid, Internet, cellphone network, and emergency frequencies for firemen and police officers.
“For example, Israel has developed a weapon capable of mimicking a maintenance cellphone signal that commands a cell network to “sleep,” effectively stopping transmissions, officials confirmed. The Israelis also have jammers capable of creating interference within Iran’s emergency frequencies for first responders.”
In a 2007, “the Syrian military got a taste of this warfare when Israeli planes ‘spoofed’ the country’s air-defense radars, at first making it appear that no jets were in the sky and then in an instant making the radar believe the sky was filled with hundreds of planes.”
Last year, it was announced that new stealth technology makes airplanes invisible not only to radar, it also renders them hidden to the human eye as well — “just like an invisibility cloak in a Hollywood sci-fi thriller,” reported
China had just touted its work on a “cloaking” technology using a hexagonal array of glass-like panels to bend light around an object, obscuring it from view, as though hidden by an invisibility cloak. Experts confirmed that the technology was legit — and not unlike American and European projects from the past few years.
“The general public … might not hear about how far the U.S. has really come, because it is and should remain classified,” firearms expert Chris Sajnog, a former Navy SEAL, told “Other countries are still playing catch-up — but they’re closing the gap.” stated, “But while classified work progresses, several public projects from universities and military supply companies show just how real this futuristic technology is.”
“Major arms developers such as BAE Systems readily acknowledge work on this kind of technology, such as the Adaptiv program, which aims to hide armored vehicles.”
“The U.S. military is among many who have expressed interest in Adaptiv, which could be transferred to other platforms, such as ships and helicopters,” said Mike Sweeney, a spokesman for BAE.
On the other hand, some experts dispute these new technologies can work at all.
“Invisibility cloak is a poorly chosen term,” Thomas Way, associate professor of computing science at Villanova University, wrote to in an email. “Invisible to what? We already have stealth aircraft that are invisible to radar (usually), but there is absolutely no way given our current understanding of physics that something could be made invisible to the naked eye… If that’s what they are claiming, it’s a hoax.”
In Electronic Warfare jargon, however, electronic countermeasure exists. ECM is an electrical orelectronic device designed to trick or deceive radar, sonar or other detection systems, like infrared (IR) or lasers.
ECM can be used offensively and defensively to deny targeting information to an enemy.
The system can “make the real target appear to disappear or move about randomly. It is used effectively to protect aircraft from guided missiles.
“Most air forces use ECM to protect their aircraft from attack. It has also been deployed by military ships and recently on some advanced tanks to fool laser/IR guided missiles. It is frequently coupled with stealth advances so that the ECM systems have an easier job. Offensive ECM often takes the form of jamming. Defensive ECM includes using blip enhancement and jamming of missile terminal homers.”
Austin-based Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) launched a major initiative dedicated to serving RF power needs of U.S. aerospace and defense (A&D) sector. It has a team of specialists dedicated to supporting defense customers.
Freescale confirmed yesterday that of the 239 passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, 20 are employed by the leading edge electronic company: twelve from Malaysia and eight from China.
The company’s key product solutions include those for electric vehicles, as this reporter highlighted yesterday:
“Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) is a global leader in embedded processing solutions, providing industry leading products that are advancing the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets,” the company says on its website and in its statement today. ”… our technologies are the foundation for the innovations that make our world greener, safer, healthier and more connected.”
Freescale says its “key applications and end-markets include: automotive safety,hybrid and all-electric vehiclesnext generation wireless infrastructuresmart energy management, portable medical devices, consumer appliances and smart mobile devices. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and has design, research and development, manufacturing and sales operations around the world.
  • Battlefield communications
  • Avionics
  • HF through L- and S-Band radar
  • Missile guidance
  • Electronic warfare
  • Identification, friend or foe (IFF)
Human rights regarding security and privacy, possibly terrorism
Evidence of terrorism and human rights related to security and privacy continue mounting regarding the jet with 239 people on board, less than an hour after leaving Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, bound for Beijing.
While everyone who boarded the plane are being investigated, four are under particular investigation. Two had stolen passports to board the now vanished Malaysia plane. They bought their tickets with two other people who boarded the plane and are also targets of the investigation. Now, ESP reports that the stolen passports may have been found.
A Chinese national, whose passport number was listed on the passenger manifest, did not board the plane, is still in China, and this individual’s passport was never stolen, China’s state media reported. The stolen passport carriers and the other two suspects have increased officials’ suspicions that the event is one of terrorism, officials say, but continue to stress that the event has not been declared a terrorist event.
Hishammuddin Hussein, who holds two ministerial positions, said that “the four names are with me,” added that the investigation was focusing on “the entire passenger manifest,” and said FBI investigators have joined the probe.
Names of all the passengers is on the manifest here.
Military radar indicated the plane possibly turned from its flight route before losing contact: “There is a distinct possibility the airplane did a turn-back, deviating from the course,” Malaysian air force chief General Rodzali Daud said Sunday, citing radar data but not revealing which direction the plane possibly took when it went off route.
Malaysia Airlines (MAS) chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said the Boeing 777′s systems would have set off alarm bells if it changed course.
That, however, is assuming electronic weaponry was not used.

So , in light of the above theorem , might this be a stealth attack directed against  countries such as China , Russia , an EU European country  , a Nato nation or even the US ? In a world where fact is becoming stranger than fiction by the day , let's explore some concepts floating out there. FWIW ponderings :

1)  EMP False Flag attack - US to be the target ? 

The prospect, regarded as a strong possibility by three retired flag officers, is to offload the passengers at a military hangar, load a EMP weapon aboard, re-load passengers, and fly it at high altitude over the United States for detonation.

2) False Flag being staged - Ukraine , Russia or China to be targeted ?

  a) Ukraine 

Hacked emails to and from US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh with Ukrainian General Staff Igor Protsyk, discuss plans to arrange a massive attack on transport hubs and Ukrainian military bases in order to “frame-up the neighbor,” and “create favorable conditions for Pentagon to act.”

The emails from Igor are in Russian, so the link is here for anyone that reads Russian but the email from US Army Attache Assistant in Kiev Jason Gresh is in English and the ramifications of it are enormous.

Events are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network.

I think it’s time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.

It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.

Do not waste time, my friend.
Jason P. Gresh
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Assistant Army Attaché
U.S. Embassy, Kyiv
Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112
(380-44) 521 – 5444 | Fax (380-44) 521 – 5636

Here is a screen shot of Gresh’s LinkedIn profile.


A major false flag against Ukraine, blamed on Russia and publicly hailed as an attack by Russia against Ukraine for Obama to use as an excuse for US Military intervention, which undoubtedly would lead to World War III.

Note- Via Anon - We strongly recommend everyone to look through these documents. There you will find all the details. (Anon)


( an interesting set of targets... ) 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 7:26 PM

McCain Heads to Ukraine with Seven Other Senators; Let's Hope They All Stay; Ugly is Beautiful

Here's the question of the day: What can senators John McCain (R-Az), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), John Hoeven (R-N.D.), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) do for Ukraine?

The answer of course is simple: Nothing.

So, why is that group of eight senators wasting money going there? The only possible answer is some combination of arrogance, political foolishness, and support for warmongering.

McCain Leads Delegation to Ukraine 

The Hill reports McCain to Lead Delegation to Ukraine.
 Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and a group of senators are slated to travel to Ukraine on Thursday to show support for the new interim government there.

The meeting comes ahead of a planned referendum in Crimea on Sunday to secede from Ukraine and join Russia — something the U.S. has said would violate the country’s constitution.

McCain's office said the group would be meeting with members of the interim government and other stakeholders Thursday through Sunday.

The delegation will be made up of a group of eight senators from both parties. Aside from McCain, those traveling to Ukraine are Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), John Hoeven (R-N.D.), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.).

In additional waste of money Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk will meet with President Obama and members of Congress on Wednesday. Then Secretary of State John Kerry is set to meet in London with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday.
In Favor of McCain's Action If...

Actually, I am all in favor of sending McCain, Durbin, and the rest to Ukraine, provided they stay there.

I will even do a fundraiser on this blog to pay for it. Should insufficient money come in, I would pay for the tickets myself.

Other Comments

ZeroHedge commented "It is of course possible the McCain simply doesn't know where Ukraine is to begin with ...And just 

in case McCain isn't senile enough to provoke the start of another world war, moments ago the Senate Foreign Relations 

Committee did its best to further antagonize Russia when it approved legislation granting aid to Ukraine and authorizing 

sanctions on Russia in a 14-3 vote."

I am rather certain McCain knew where Ukraine was before this mess started. However, I highly doubt all of the rest of his 

warmongering consortium did.

As for senility, I propose McCain is not senile. Instead, I propose McCain is a war-mongering fool, supportive of provoking 

WW III at every opportunity, regardless of cost.

This may sound like a disagreement with ZH but it's not. The spirit of what ZH reported is nearly perfect: We have no 

business in Ukraine.

Regardless, the useless political grandstanding continues.


How Ugly Can it Get?

Inquiring minds just may be wondering "How ugly can this get?"

That's a good question. I bring it up because Secretary of State John Kerry stated "[This] can get ugly fast if the wrong

choices are made, and it can get ugly in multiple directions".

and Russia primed as villain if there is a massive attack.....

Tyler Durden's picture

Head Of Ukraine National Defense Council: "Ukraine Is Facing The Threat Of A Full-Scale Invasion From Various Directions"

A few moments ago we showed a map of the various Russian military units amassing near the Ukraine border (whose movementswe had been tracking for the past several days), so the ongoing less than stealthy escalation by Russian forces in preparation for what by all accounts looks like a preparation to take on east Ukraine should come as no surprise to anyone. And yet, it appears to have surprised Othe head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, Andriy Parubiy, who earlier today claimed that Russian forces near the border totaled more than 80,000 solders, 270 tanks, 370 artillery systems and 140 combat aircraft: precisely what Zero Hedge readers know already. His assessment: "Ukraine today is facing the threat of a full-scale invasion from various directions."

B) China or Russia - due to resistance to Ukraine takeover....?

( Keep in mind 150 Chinese citizens are aboard the missing plane , might this be  payback for China not playing ball with Ukraine , Syria and Iran ... Ukraine the straw breaking camel's back ? ) 

Tyler Durden's picture

China Warns West Not To Enforce Sanctions Against Russia

"Sanctions could lead to retaliatory action, and that would trigger a spiral with unforeseeable consequences," warns China's envoy to Germany adding that "we don't see any point in sanctions." On the heels of Merkel's warning that Russia risked "massive" political and economic damage if it did not change course,Reuters reports ambassador Shi Mingde urged patience saying "the door is still open" for diplomacy (though we suspect it is not) ahead of this weekend's referendum. Russia's Deputy Economy Minister Alexei Likhachev responded by promising "symmetrical" sanctions by Moscow. So now we have China joining the fray more aggressively.


( Russia for all of the obvious reasons ) 

Tyler Durden's picture

Where The Russian Troops Are - The Full "Pre-Takeover" Infographic

We provide this map showing the latest distribution of Russian military forces along the Ukraine borders so that readers can make up their own mind if, as John Kerry says, "Russia doesn't yet have forces for Ukraine Takeover."


Tyler Durden's picture

After Annexing Crimea, Russian Troops Are Piling Up By The East Ukraine Border

Despite the relentless protests of Kiev, and of course the G7 group of world's most indebted nations, in the past two weeks Vladimir Putin once again succeeded in outplaying the west and annexed the Crimea peninsula without firing a single shot (granted there is still potential for material situational deterioration, one which would involve military participation by NATO whose outcome is not exactly clear). The market has "priced in" as much, with prevailing consensus now dictating that Russia will preserve its foothold in the Crimea however without additional attempts for annexation: certainly Poland is hoping and praying as much. However, as the following photos taken on the Russian side of East Ukraine, next to Belgorod, the Russian airborne troops ("VDV") are now piling up, only not in Crimea, which needs no further Russian military presence, but ostensibly to prepare for the next part of the annexation: that of Russian-speaking east Ukraine.


Merkel Warns Putin Of "Massive Damage", Russia Continues Piling Troops, Pro-Russia Oligarch Arrested, Gazprom Speaks

Tyler Durden's picture

It's crunch time for Ukraine.
With just over two days to go until the Crimea referendum, all the actors are stepping up the diplomacy to a fever pitch in a desperate attempt to talk Putin out of formally annexing the peninsula following results which are well-known in advance will show the population's allegiance to mother Russia. But while the generic rhetoric is well-known, one surprising place of escalation over the past 24 hours has been Germany's Angela Merkel, who for the most part had been willing to stay on the sidelines in the war of words, has suddenly stepped up her own phrasing, and warned Moscow on Thursday that it risked "massive" political and economic damage if it refused to change course on Ukraine, saying Western leaders were united in their readiness to impose sanctions on Russia if necessary.
Reuters reports that the chancellor, using her strongest language since the start of the crisis and removing any suspicion that Germany might seek to avoid a confrontation with President Vladimir Putin, said his actions would lead to "catastrophe" for Ukraine and much more.
"We would not only see it, also as neighbours of Russia, as a threat. And it would not only change the European Union's relationship with Russia," she said in a speech in parliament. "No, this would also cause massive damage to Russia, economically and politically."
Merkel has acknowledged that her efforts to persuade Putin to negotiate via a "contact group" with the transition government in Kiev - which he accuses of ousting Russian-backed president Viktor Yanukovich unlawfully - have failed and time is running out.



Secretary of State John Kerry warned of serious repercussions forRussia on Monday if last-ditch talks over the weekend to resolve the crisis in Ukraine failed to persuade Moscow to soften its stance.
“There will be a response of some kind to the referendum itself,” Kerry said. “If there is no sign [from Russia] of any capacity to respond to this issue ... there will be a very serious series of steps on Monday.”

“Our hope is to have Russia join in respecting international law. ... There is no justification, no legality to this referendum that is taking place,” he said. “The hope is that reason will prevail but there is no guarantee of that.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and a top critic of President Obama's foreign policy, asked what the administration would do if Russian forces advance farther into the eastern area of Ukraine, and the new government in Kiev asks the U.S. for weapons to fight the Russians.

Kerry responded carefully, saying “we have contingencies – we are talking through various options that may or may not be available.”

“Our hope is not to create hysteria or excessive concern about that at this point in time,” he said. “Our hope is to avoid that, but there's no telling that we can.”


3 ) Let's go in a completely different direction ....      Is China planning a False Flag for unknown purposes ?

An astonishing new report via the Wall Street Journal, dovetailing with information received by Intellihub News earlier Wednesday, may shed some light on the whereabouts of the missing plane and its occupants.

Please note that some of the information contained herein is not proven as of yet, but has been passed through our channels to us and is worthy of reporting as no stone should be left unturned.
This story just keeps getting more and more bizarre.  They don’t know where or even when or if this plane is, is still together or what is going on.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen more incompetence in my life. 

and Cocos Airbase would be within range of the plane .....

and to the point ....


Though it was originally assumed the plane would have come down over the South China Sea, where its flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing would have taken it, unspecified 'new information' has seen search efforts switch to the Indian Ocean.

What we know: A timeline and map reveals the extent of what is known so far about the movements of Malaysian Airlines flight 370

but counterpoint to China being a culprit here , furious Chinese reaction to " malaise "  from Malaysians.....


12.49 China is pretty furious that it has taken a week for Malaysia to brief the public that flight MH370 was deliberately turned off course after its communication system was manually shut down.
China's Xinhua state news agency said that Malaysian PM Mr Najib's announcement today was "painfully belated".
Quote"And due to the absence - or at least lack - of timely authoritative information, massive efforts have been squandered, and numerous rumours have been spawned, repeatedly racking the nerves of the awaiting families," it said.
It remains unclear as to whether Malaysia had indeed kept silent or if it was just corroborating the information it received before it went public like it said.
Some are speculating that Malaysia was concerned about revealing the fact that the airliner could have flown to Central Asia as it would in turn lead to speculation that the country's jihadists could be involved.

Stay tuned - on the subject of the turn  west , also consider this article ( Kev with the hat tip ! ) .....

Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Redirected to Diego Garcia?

It has now become fairly evident that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is not accidental. In fact, there is a strong possibility that the flight was commandeered to the US military base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. A bizarre “extraordinary rendition“?

Why did Flight 370 try to hide its whereabouts?

MH370 was a 777-200 service carrying 239 passenger and crew on a regular Kuala Lumpur to Beijing service. To recap, it left KL at 12.40 am, it disappeared as a commercial radar trace at 1.22 am close to the area where such radar visibility to the Malaysia air traffic control system drops off, and was never observed as entering Vietnam controlled air space on a path intended to cross that country to the South China Sea and continue past Hong Kong toward its destination.
The transponders on Flight 370 was switched off immediately after it was outside the visibility of Malaysia’s air traffic control! To quote a poster GarageYears on a forum for professional pilots,
Turning off the transponder isn’t just a toggle or push-button, the switch is a rotary and you’d have to move it two positions to get it into the standby condition.
This could only have been done by a compromised crew, or by hijackers. To quote another forum member Tfor2,
1. It was a hi-jack (transponder turned off, no Mayday), and the plane was not under the control of the pilots. It flew to wherever was demanded, and something happened thereafter causing it to crash, probably from an effort to regain control (as with United 93 during events of 9/11). So it could be anywhere. An eye-witness will eventually come forward.
2. The most fearsome worry to come out of this is how come an aircraft can invade national territory without military or civil or satellite detection? This leaves a hole in the defense systems of all countries.
To quote a professional A330 pilot,
I think the flight deck was compromised.
But that’s not the only sign that Flight 370 was trying to hide its whereabouts. Immediately after shutting off its transponders, Flight 370 made a U-turn and headed in the direction of Diego Garcia, crossing Malaysia in the process. If there indeed had been a massive technical failure, the crew would have tried to safely ditch the plane at sea, not return to Malaysia. And if there had been a cabin decompression, the plane would have slowly lost altitude, crashing into the Gulf of Thailand. Malaysia’s Air Force Chief General Rodzali Daud first raised the possibility that the plane had reversed course the very next day (9th March), and he was quoted by a Malay-language paper as saying the  jet had been tracked hundreds of miles from its intended flight path, over the  Strait of Malacca off western Malaysia, and up to 320 kilometres northwest of the  Malaysian state of Penang, after which it either disappeared or Malaysian radar lost capability to track it. It was clearly flying low, as if to avoid detection by radar.
After turning off its transponder, Flight 370 turned around and headed to the direction of Diego Garcia.
After turning off its transponder, Flight 370 turned around and headed to the direction of Diego Garcia.
General Daud’s statement was clearly not expected, as all the concerned governments were vigorously pedalling the notion that the plane was lost in the Gulf of Thailand, and all search and rescue efforts got misdirected to the plane’s intended route. The Communist Vietnamese government even produced some eyewitnesses that testified seeing a plane flying low off their coast. There were repeated attempts to identify any piece of floating debris in the vicinity as that of Flight 370. When mainstream media picked up General Daud’s very credible statement, he was pressured into retracting it, and has now issued a formal retraction. America’s biggest trading client, Communist China, also expressed irritation at the Malaysian government over the “confusion.” It is clear that such misdirection could not have been possible without the involvement of highly placed Malaysian officials. Nevertheless, General Daud’s statement has altered the direction of the search, which now focuses on the Andaman Sea, instead of the Gulf of Thailand. It seems there were desperate attempts to keep the search away from the West Coast of Malaysia. For example, an oil rig worker on the Vietnam coast claimed to have seen a fiery object, but the report later turned out to be untrue. To quote,

Letter that was received by Vietnamese officials about a possible crash in Vietnam (unconfirmed source) - 


BBC also reported about the letter but it turned out to be false information... nothing at the Ho Chi Minh coast
To quote another poster Frenchwalker on the same aforementioned forum,
Just to point out on some of the information provided by the Malaysian military last night around its last know position, more so around the fact the the aircraft descended to around 3000ft would this simply be to maintain Visual Flight Rules , cloud base in Kuala Lumpur usually sits between 3000ft and 10,000ft
this would indicate the the person in command certainly had control of the Aircraft
A possible flight path of Flight 370, from where it was last observed on radar in Penang, to Diego Garcia.
A possible flight path of Flight 370, from where it was last observed on radar in Penang, to Diego Garcia.
If the plane was headed towards Diego Garcia (which is under eight hours of flying time from Kuala Lumpur), it would have been captured on Indonesian radars as well, and it was likely to have crossed over Indonesia. But unlike Malaysia, Indonesia is a defacto Globalist client state, and would immediately cover up such information. Australia also has a sophisticated radar network, but we haven’t heard from them either.
Apart from radar, there is also other “live” data associated with commercial aircraft, which is not being discussed. To quote another user of the forum Davionics,
Why has nobody confirmed/announced if there were any transmissions sent via SATCOM? Seems to be the elephant in the room – the media currently appears to have an unhealthy tunneled obsession with; radar, ads-b, voice comms, gps, black boxes, etc.
Surely ACARS and engine telemetry data could shine a good dose of light on this incredibly sad fiasco.
Many aircraft today also have Panasonic Avionics high-bandwidth eXconnect GCS (Global Communications Suite) to augment SATCOM.
Investigators have now confirmed that such live data indicated that the plane continued to fly even after its last radar contact. The just won’t tell us when the data transmissions ended (which would indicate when the flight landed). To quote,
Throughout the roughly four hours after the jet dropped from civilian radar screens, these people said, the link operated in a kind of standby mode and sought to establish contact with a satellite or satellites. These transmissions did not include data, they said, but the periodic contacts indicate to investigators that the plane was still intact and believed to be flying.
Investigators are still working to fully understand the information, according to one person briefed on the matter. The transmissions, this person said, were comparable to the plane “saying I’m here, I’m ready to send data.”
And there is still no word about the signals from monitoring systems embedded in the plane’s Rolls-Royce PLC engines, which would have stopped when the plane landed.
Diego Garcia is the strongest US military-air force base in the Indian Ocean. It served as a forwarding base in almost all American conflicts in the Gulf and in Afghanistan.  It was also a transit venue for the infamous “extraordinary renditions.” It possesses formidable radar capabilities, as well as several airstrips. And large hangars that can hide aircraft. To quote a commenter on a pilot’s website who believed the plane was in Diego Garcia,
My speculation is of this being a super-duper, super-extraordinary form of rendition.
And most important of all, Diego Garcia has a staff who follow a code of not asking too many questions and keeping their eyes wide shut. Unlike Malaysia, there are no General Dauds in Diego Garcia, who would blurt out what they saw on military radar.
Air Force One at Diego Garcia
Air Force One at Diego Garcia

An American aircraft carrier at Diego Garcia.
An American aircraft carrier at Diego Garcia.
American military aircraft at Diego Garcia.
American military aircraft at Diego Garcia.
Good Times?
Good Times?

Why Malaysia?

The presence of a large number of Chinese passengers on board the doomed flight is being used to strain relations between Communist China and Malaysia, and it may contribute to a future deterioration of their relationship, resulting in increased justification of Chinese presence in the region, and maybe even future Chinese aggression. This may also help explain why a Malaysian plane was targeted, as opposed to an Indonesian plane (Indonesia is already in the hands of the Globalists, and therefore never gets any brinkmanship from Communist China, which is a creation of the Globalists).
Malaysia is probably the only country in the world whose recent leadership has openly criticized the IMF, Israel, the War on Terror and made claims that 9/11 was an Inside Job. Malaysia has a bustling economy, but the Globalists prefer plantation style economies, such as neighbouring Indonesia, which is completely under Globalist control. Since Malaysia cannot be subject to the so-called War on Terror unless they start openly supporting Al-Qaida, the only other alternative the Globalists have is to feed it to China, and the Panda will invite itself for lunch, Al-Qaida or not.
Mainstream media has repeatedly stressed at Chinese impatience with Malaysian “incompetence.” While it is true that the present mess would not have been possible unless many Malaysian officials were compromised, so were many officials of other governments involved in the search and rescue efforts. And despite such high level corruption, the deliberately concealed fact that the plane had reversed course and moved Westwards did come out, albeit in a muffled way. It is unlikely that such disclosure would have ever happened in any of the neighbouring Globalist-dominated countries.
Compared to Globalist dominated Indonesia, Malaysia has gotten away with prosperity. But for how long?
Compared to Globalist dominated Indonesia, Malaysia has gotten away with prosperity. But for how long?

Other Odd Ends

  • Initially there were reports of some passengers who did not board the plane, but then Malaysian authorities were forced to “retract” their statements. Passengers connected to the Global Elite usually receive advance warnings.
  • Flight 370 had 20 employees of Texas based Freescale Semiconductors. It would be interesting to know what their latest projects were. It is unclear whether or not the company counted the NSA among its clients. To quote Wikipedia on the company,
In the 1960s, one of the U. S. space program’s goals was to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth [Not Quite!]. In 1968, NASA began manned Apollo flights that led to the first lunar landing in July 1969. Apollo 11 was particularly significant for hundreds of employees involved in designing, testing and producing its electronics. A division of Motorola, which became Freescale Semiconductor, supplied thousands of semiconductor devices, ground-based tracking and checkout equipment, and 12 on-board tracking and communications units. An “up-data link” in the Apollo’s command module received signals from Earth to relay to other on-board systems. A transponder received and transmitted voice and television signals and scientific data.
[.......] and Motorola’s MPC5200 microprocessor deployed telematic systems for General Motors’ OnStar systems.
[.......] In addition, a recent ABI Research market study report states that Freescale owns 60% share of the Radio Frequency (RF) semiconductor device market.
[.......] Also in 2011, Freescale announced the company’s first magnetometer for location tracking in smart mobile devices.
  • Confirmation of Iranian passengers travelling on false European passports. While they have been ruled out as hijackers, the Powers That Be sometimes do use Iranians for dirty work. There was also an attempt to portray them as favourably as possible.
  • If a missile destroyed Flight 370, the missile would have left a radar signature (Thanks to Mike Adams).
  • Boeing 777 commercial jets are equipped with black box recorders that can survive any on-board explosion, and they transmit locator signals for at least 30 days after falling into the ocean (Thanks to Mike Adams).
  • Many parts of destroyed aircraft are naturally bouyant and will float in water (Thanks to Mike Adams), and would have been noticed if there was a crash at sea.
  • Some relatives of passengers claim that calls placed to their cellphones are ringing! Passenger social media accounts on the Chinese social media QQ site show the passengers to be online!
  • Conspiracy Forums are abuzz with rumours of the plane being diverted to Diego Garcia.
  • America has jumped into the investigation, subtly suggesting that the captain went mad (The Iranians don’t seem to interest them). But that’s what they said about EgyptAir Flight 990, which was returning to Egypt with more than 30 military officers who had trained in America. They are mum about the radars at Diego Garcia picking up anything unusual.
  • Airport security camera photographs of the two men travelling on fake passports have been shooped! The younger man (left) was identified as Pouiria Nur Mohammad Mehrdad, 19, said by police in Malaysia to be an Iranian asylum seeker on his way to Germany to meet his mother. The older man (right) remains unknown. But this still does not explain why the legs (and bag) of the older guy were shooped onto Mehrdad’s torso. There are also many other discrepancies in the passenger list, such as people who were reported to be on the flight now claiming to be at home.
Watch those legs and bag!
Watch those legs and bag!


Professional Pilots Rumour Network (Note that this is a fairly technical forum, and conspiracy theories are being deleted)
A Malaysian Source (Regularly Updated)
Maps of the supposed flight route.
CNN coverage (Warning Disinfo)

( Track takes the plane closer to Coco Island rather than Diego Garcia base , for what it's worth...... ) 

The French aviation site Air Info has a more detailed map of the missing plane possible flight path based on that Reuters story. 

View image on Twitter
: l'appareil aurait fait route vers les îles Andaman 
Just wondering -- two Ukrainians on board. What connections do these passengers have to any hi-jinks ? 
They are :
Passenger 23 - Sergeii Deineka ; 
Passenger 20  - Oleg Chustrak .

Sunday, March 9 2014

[12:01] Foreign Ministry Confirms Two Ukrainians Among Passengers Of Boeing 777-200, Which Vanished From Radar Screens En Route Kuala Lumpur - Beijing

This was the extent of media coverage at Ukrainian News  , nothing in Kyiv Post or intefax...... odd as two citizens have been missing more than a week  ! 

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