German FinMin prepares a third aid package for Greece

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New loan for Greece? Additional ten to twenty billion euro? No! Really! My matraase is full with euro and so are my wardarboes and cupborads. Guests’ refreshing room is also full from the rescue aid we got in 2012,  and the cellar is full too. Really! Please, do not give Greeks mor emoney, we are overwhelmed and have difficulties to spend it.
Nevertheless, German Finance Minister Wolfgrant Schaeuble seems to prepare the ground for a third aid package for Greece and thus before the European elections in May.
BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s finance ministry is preparing the ground for a third aid package for Greece before European elections in May, Der Spiegel weekly and its website reported on Saturday, citing a five-page ministry ‘position paper’.
The possibilities outlined include a further debt haircut that would mainly hit public creditors or a “limited additional programme” in which Greece could receive fresh money from the European rescue fund, the report said.
The package could amount to 10 billion to 20 billion euros, said Der Spiegel, and would be tied to commitments from Athens to undertake reforms with more vigour.
A spokesman for the finance ministry denied that a new debt writedown was planned for Greece.
“There is no new situation,” said the spokesman and referred to previous statements made by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. (via REUTERS)