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Tinfoil Super Bowl Terror Alert - On a FWIW basis .....Several things to ponder ( looking at the CC's , was this sent out before the start of the playoffs ? ) President Obama and Governor Chris Chrisite would benefit from the obvious refocusing of American attention in the wake of a terror event...... False Flag events have happened in the past , have happened during GOP and Democrat Administrations and it has been quite the while since we have had a major terror event here in the US ......If one wanted to select an event which would capture world attention this year , the sporting events would be the Super Bowl , Sochi in russia or the World Cup in Brazil - only one event would change the subject for PTBs in the US .....With so many potential enemies to chose from ( Bad Al Qaeda , Taliban , Iranian supported terrorists ) , it would be easy to sell such an event to gullible sheeple......But let's hope we just see a football game on February 2 , 014.....

At mentioned in the header..... FWIW !

Superbowl Open Air False Flag: Mass Transit Bottlenecks And BioTerrorism (Video)

Friday, January 31, 2014 15:37
By Josey Wales 
Was today’s “White Powder” scare a test run to view response time and learn more about Law Enforcements patterns? Why would they send these letters to hotels near the stadium? 
Understand this, one way into MetLife Stadium and only one way out, by rail.
Because of limited parking at MetLife Stadium and security restrictions, Super Bowl organizers are encouraging people to use mass transit to get to and from the event.
Super Bowl 48 (XLVIII) is already being billed as a “mass transit Super Bowl nightmare”

Rick Fuentes, head of the New Jersey State Police, said “This is a mass transit Super Bowl,”
Fuentes said about 1,000 parking spots are going to be available at the stadium, about 40% less than typical for events. He said about half of those will go to buses and half to cars with pre-purchased parking passes.
Fuentes estimated about 12-15,000 spectators will come by light rail and about another 15,000 by bus. To get on one of those trains or buses, Fuentes said passengers will have to show their Super Bowl tickets.
In addition to stadium security, Fuentes said, “Hundreds of other police officers on Sunday are going to be on rail platforms. They’re going to be along rail lines. They’re going to be at bus stations.”

William Bratton commissioner of the New York Police Department, echoed the concern for mass transit attacks.
“We have run a number of table top exercises that take into account any type of scenario that could unfold, a lone wolf type of situation up to and including nuclear radiation issues. Certainly, we’re very well prepared,” said Bratton.
“Certainly, we’re keeping an eye on activities around the world. But as of this time there are no threats directed against this event that we’re aware of. At the same time, one of the benefits of hosting this event here in this region is … the NYPD and its colleagues in the area have some of the most extensive counter terrorism capabilities. … not only detection but response.”
 Mindful of bomb attacks last month on a railway station and bus in the region of the Sochi Olympics in Russia, officials in New York on Wednesday said there will be a massive security presence on the routes to Sunday’s game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

“We’ve had meetings over the last couple of weeks. Of particular concern to us was what was going on overseas in Volgograd (the Russian city that was the scene of the attacks) related to the Sochi Olympics,” Col. Rick Fuentes, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, said at a security briefing for the media.

This video from videographer DAHBOO77 discusses todays “White Powder” event and the mass transit concerns surrounding this weekends Super Bowl 

If your going to the Super Bowl this weekend, or have family and friends who are going to attend, make sure they understand the potential for a possible mass transit attack, and suggest they always have an escape plan for every leg of their travel. 
One more thing to question if you will, is why Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first Super Bowl held at an open-air stadium in a “cold-weather” city; previous Super Bowls in cold-weather cities were held at indoor stadiums.
The coldest outdoor Super Bowl of the first 47 games wasSuper Bowl VI, held at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans on January 16, 1972. This raises questions for many people as why would they choose a site in cold weather, with no dome, and a significant transportation issue. Only time will tell, we don’t have much longer to wait. 
Other security issues addressed Wednesday:
Biological or nuclear radiation attacks — “That’s something we worry about every day, all year,” said George Venizelos, assistant director in charge of the FBI in New York. “I’m not going to tell you what we have, but we do have detection devices throughout the city, and it’s something that’s taken very seriously. … We train for this. We have the ability to deal with it.”
Hacking power grids — Jeh Johnson, national secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said his agency’s Office of Infrastructure Protection is focused on that. “For a largely attended gathering and major event such as this, that does go into our considerations here,” he said.
Avoiding a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl power blackout — “This year we’re going to try to go blackout free and go through the whole thing,” said Jeffrey Miller, NFL vice president/chief security officer. “So we’ve done a lot with power redundancy (backup). In planning for this event, New Jersey authorities have done an excellent job there.”
FYI about the venue for the 2014 Superbowl…
The NFL has a rule that the venue for the Superbowl must either have 50 degree weather in February or be an indoor stadium (domed). In the 47 year history of the Superbowl, only four years has the venue been in cold climes:
#16 Pontiac, MI “Silverdome”
#26 Minneapolis, MN, “Metrodome”
#40 Detroit, MI, “Ford Field” (domed)
#46 Indianapolis, IN, “Lucas Oil Stadium” (retractable roof)
The other 43 Superbowls were in places like Miami, New Orleans, etc. thus satisfying the 50degree rule.
However, the 2014 Superbowl is a first. It is the first time that the game will be played in a non-domed stadium in a cold climate city! The reason for the waiver from the NFL would be interesting to know.
Interestingly, the MetLife Stadium has a few more unique attributes:
+ The largest seating of all the NFL stadiums
+ The most expensive stadium of all the NFL stadiums
+ The only stadium to host two teams: NY Jets, NY Giants
+ The only stadium whose proposed corporate naming sponsor, Allianz, was fought by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League because the German company had strong ties to the Nazi’s in WWII. MetLife was eventually awarded naming rights but the controversy with the German financial giant Allianz remains intriguing.
I don’t know what this all means but it is safe to say that this Sunday’s SuperBowl is being played in the MOST unique venue of all the NFL venues and it is only because someone gave a special waiver for it to happen.
It is against the 48 year standing policy of the NFL to play in a place like this. 

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US to blame Syria for possible Super Bowl attack: Expert
Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:30PM GMT

Press TV has interviewed James Fetzer, a professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth, from Madison, to discuss James Clapper’s remarks regarding the potential threats of militants in Syria to Western nations.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Wasn’t it clear from the beginning that these terrorists would be making a comeback to their respective homelands and cause the fear Clapper was warning about?

Fetzer: It’s very strange on multiple grounds. Now remember, Clapper is the same man who told the Congress that the NSA was not conducting a massive surveillance on the American people. The question is not whether he’s telling the truth. The question is why is he telling us this kind of lie?

I mean, look, there are no domestic terrorists in the United States. We know that from a survey, a study done by the subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security a couple of years ago. They did a survey of fusion centers all over the country. They found no domestic terrorists. So what’s going on here?

There’s a move in Congress to allow Israelis to enter the country without visas. That means that there’s no control on bringing Israelis into the United States, if they want to create chaos in the United States.

I’m particularly troubled by multiple reports we have that the Super Bowl on Sunday might be a target to create a justification for a military crackdown in the United States, allowing in anyone from any country, especially Israel when they have a history of false-flag attacks is the worst possible idea.

I’m terribly troubled too by this parallel, 9/11, which was a fabricated attack which was used by Rudy Giuliani, the outgoing mayor of New York – in fact, the election in New York was supposed to take place on the very day, 9/11, and Rudy proposed the idea he should stay in office because they needed somebody experienced.

I’m very troubled that we have a situation in New Jersey where this game is going to be played, where you have the governor of New Jersey who’s in deep political trouble and if there were a terrorist attack on the Meadowlands, on the stadium where the Super Bowl is being played, he might try to catapult it into making himself a national hero just as Rudy Giuliani sought to capitalize on 9/11 by making himself a national hero.

I’m telling you, none of this can be taken at face value. The situation is very treacherous and the idea of talking now about this threat is disturbing in the extreme.

Press TV: In general, why is it that these terrorists bite the hand that literally feeds them?

Fetzer: Well, that’s a great point. There’s several dimensions to that too. Number one, al-Qaeda is a creation of the United States. I mean, these were our representatives in Afghanistan where Osama bin Laden was directing the resistance against the Russians to get them out of their occupation.

The fact is that the Western nations have been supporting the resistance in Syria and now they’re talking about them turning around to attack the Western nations. I’m worried that this may...anticipate the Western nations performing false-flag attacks inside France, Germany, England and so forth, and blame them on the Syrians using this kind of rubbish coming from James Clapper as a justification.

But for the time being, the most imminent threat that disturbs me is the idea that the Super Bowl could be targeted and that Clapper could be laying the foundation claiming that it was done by Syrians who were upset with the United States. It’s a very messy situation.

US to blame Syria for possible Super Bowl attack: Expert

Choppers Prep For War In NY/NJ – Or Is This For A Super Bowl False Flag?

Friday, January 31, 2014 18:25

Military helicopters are flying en masse over New York and New Jersey, AT LEAST 27 flying over this OP’s house, in preparation for Super Bowl 48 and who knows what else the ‘illuminati’ might have planned. The photos and videos below clearly tell the story of this police state nation gone mad as the masses gather for their annual gladiatorial feast of glutony. Is a ‘false flag’ in store? The 1st video shares much more from Christopher Greene: “Terror Alert!! Sniper Bowl 2014, Blackhawk Helicopters & A No-Fly Zone.”

SuperBowl False Flag “TreasonBowl” Letter Sent to Before It’s News

Friday, January 24, 2014 14:20

We received this letter yesterday from an anonymous source via US mail.  Before It’s News is just a conduit for your news and we thought this information might be of value to our readers.  Here is the fulltext of this letter, from people who claim to have worked on the design and construction of the new MetLife Stadium (original jpeg scans of the letter are below the text).  The upside down American flag stamp on the outside of the envelope is an interesting touch. Video report also below.

The Treason Bowl February 2, 2014 at the Meadowlands Sports Complex
For reasons soon to be obvious to you, I will not introduce myself, nor any of the others who have contributed to this notification. We have been involved with the construction and operation of the new MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex. Some of our involvement precedes the groundbreaking, and some of our involvement is current.
From here on, I will refer to the upcoming Super Bowl as the “Treason Bowl”.
From the start, from design stages, plans have been made for the stadium, and the American Dream Meadowlands complex, to host a well-planned false flag event, so grand that one would think it was planned in the offices of Josef Goebbles himself. This has been in the works for at least six years.
The highlight of this treason will be the world-wide live television coverage of this abomination of civilization. This promotion of fear and horror is hoped to inspire the masses of the world to willfully submit to the eradication of rights given to us by God.
In the very design of the stadium, spots were planned for the placement of bombs, not to immediately kill the stadium guests, but to entrap the guests. The bomb placements are for the creation of choke points to control the movement of the guests.
Remember, the highlight is the international live broadcast of desperate human suffering. It will first be answered by military-ized police and thug-like New Jersey state police, but to ONLY be resolved by US Army troops from Ft. Dix.
The fix is in; racketeering at its finest hour.
You may notice that the New Jersey State Police Sports Complex Unit has a noticeable high percentage of troopers that are very big, look like thugs, and we assure you – act like thugs. Seven of us have witnessed experiences with them, with varying degrees of rudeness, misery and disgust. There are traitors within this local state police force who will be enabling the apparent foreigners, in the stadium and in the whole complex. It has been harder for us to be exact with numbers of US federal agents in on the false flag fix, but we have confirmed they to be from DHS, NSA, FBI and Blackwater.
For the Treason Bowl, there may be as many as 11 armed “foreign terrorists” in the stadium itself, being another 8 of them in the rest of the complex, including Meadowlands Station.
A heavier-than-air poison gas will be brought in with the C02 canisters that are used by soft drink vendors. It will not be a quick killer as chlorine gas, but rather a gas that causes more physical contortions and suffering, for high-impact live video. This heavier-than-air poison will first target the field level, most notably the athletes on the field. Specific placement of bombs will insure that no one leaves the field level, ala the closed choke points.
False flag Islamic demands will be posted for the release of “freedom fighters” in Guantanamo, but primarily for the exit of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.
For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, about the extensively drawn out Afghan occupation by a supposedly mighty military (with untold hundreds of billions of dollars worth of military resources AND high-tech intelligence resources), against an out- manned (and out-gunned) rebel alliance with a mysterious decade-plus bottomless supply of resources -> it’s all about the three pipelines – the now-complete Caspian Sea oil and natural gas pipelines to China and points in between, and the heroin pipeline to developed countries in the west, especially our country. The continuing vagueness of the Afghan occupation should be as obvious as the nose on your face, and should consume your curiosity. The lot of us here are amazed how this realization escapes the most of you. Of course our senses are heightened on this matter, having learned for the past 6 years of the pending evil and doom of the 2014 Treason Bowl.
There were scattered warnings before the successful treasonous coup de tat of Sept 11. The warnings were not heeded, mostly because such a display of treason wasn’t so believable at the time, as much as it is believable now. After that event, those previous warnings were given the status as if they came from the Bellevue nut ward, even though the event itself showed the warnings to be very accurate.
An aside here: one of us has a relative who was one of the many NYFD officers who heard the meticulous floor-by-floor demolition explosives in the World Trade Towers.
The obvious, but never to be explained, breakdown of the tax-payer-financed multi- hundred-billion-dollar-a-year U.S intelligence community is well underway, again.
You must recognize that treasonous orchestrations of such grand scale can only be accomplished with the bottomless pockets of intel agencies, with secrecy as their ally.
Rest assured that “treason” is the correct word for the event. The former military explosives experts of contractor Blackwater will be placing the bombs.
We’re told that the FBI is complete with the fabrication of evidence.
(This reminds me of the NY State Trooper C evidence-fabricating scandal. This time it’s federal, with NJ state police help, and much bigger targets.)
DHS gumshoes have covertly infested the operations of the whole complex, supplying reports as to the progress of the logistics of this fabulous false flag murder fest, and hoping to identify any Meadowlands Complex workers who may be getting savvy to the treasonous ploy of federal agencies, and subversive NJ state police.
The daily security of Met Life Stadium currently is anal retentive and far beyond what our contemporaries at other sports arenas have reported in their facilities.
Specific state police officers are tasked to enable the alleged “terrorists” to their assigned placement for the horrendous and sinister festivities in the first half of the third quarter, when this conspiracy theory will no longer be a theory.
DHS appears to be the overall planners and coordinators, while drawing upon the resources of other federal groups, especially the NSA. The NSA seems to have the planned psychological blueprint for the multiple-day death, horror and hostage event. Psychological operations have been part of their original mission since 1952, to counter the brainwashing of Korean War captives. NSA has always done psycho activities, and blamed the CIA for most of it.
Our hope here is that the Treason Bowl could be abated per this warning. Much depends on high-visibility circulation of this warning. Just the same, you may want to cheer for your favorite team to lose in the conference finals, in triple overtime of course.

Good Night, and Good Luck.

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