Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thieves target ATMs - news way to rob the bank..... Not just here in the US but apparently a global criminal agenda !

Thieves In Europe Are Using USB Sticks To Clean Out ATMs

A gang of thieves targeted cash machines belonging to an unnamed European bank by uploading malicious software that would spit out banknotes on command
Criminals targeted a string of cash machines by cutting holes in the fascia to reach a USB port and upload malicious code that would spit out banknotes on command.
Speakers at the Chaos Computing Congress in Hamburg described the attacks, which affected an unnamed European bank that noticed several cash machines had been entirely emptied without the safe at the rear being damaged.
The bank increased security after the first attacks and were able to spot the gang drilling holes in the front of the machines, briefly inserting a USB flash drive and then patching up the damage afterwards to cover their tracks.
They were then able to return at a later date and instruct the compromised machine to dispense a specific amount of cash. To gain access they had to enter a 12-digit code, followed by a second code – this is believed to have been a failsafe to prevent individual members of the group from stealing money on their own. The second code constantly changed and the correct response could only be discovered by phoning another gang member.
Researchers found that the software then showed how many of each denomination banknote were in the machine, and asked how much of each it should dispense.
The BBC reports that the researchers, who asked to remain anonymous, said the gang must have had a “profound knowledge” of the workings of the cash machines in order to develop and successfully install the software.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Police are searching for five men who crashed a van into a state Department of Motor Vehicles office in East Point and stole two ATMs.
The early morning theft at 4125 Welcome All Road was captured on surveillance video by DMV cameras around 4:30 a.m., said East Point police spokesman Cliff Chandler. The alleged burglars were spotted fleeing in another van, which was found, set ablaze, nearly three hours later in northwest Atlantaon 120 Anderson Avenue.
A security guard working at the DMV office, feeling outnumbered, took cover and called 911 from the scene, said Josh Waites, office of special investigations for the state Department of Revenue. Waites said the burglars completed the theft within three minutes.
Georgia motorists will experience some repercussions from the break-in, as the East Point branch, the only DMV site where car titles can be processed, will be closed Thursday and possibly longer, Waites said. The office serves “hundreds” of customers a day, he said.
East Point police are currently searching the van left behind at the DMV for clues.


Beaten, tied, ATM guard foils theft bid; honoured by cops

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Atm theftShabuddin was bound by ATM thieves. He broke free and pressed the door of the kiosk against one of the intruders and helped capture him. IE
A former mahout from Assam who came to Bangalore 30 days ago looking for a job as a car driver but ended up as a security guard has become a hero after he helped capture one of two men who tried to break an ATM Sunday.
Mohammed Shabuddin, 32, was knocked unconscious and bound by the thieves at the SBI ATM in Hongasandra on the outskirts of south Bangalore at around 3.40 am. After regaining consciousness, he set himself free and risking his life captured one of the thieves focused on breaking the machine. A police constable arrived just in time and the thief was arrested.
Monday, police commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar gave the former mahout a certificate and reward for his act of courage. "Quick thinking and timely action by the security guard and a police constable helped prevent a robbery and capture a thief,'' he said after handing over a cheque for Rs 1,000 to Shabuddin.
A growing demand for security guards in Bangalore after police threatened to shut down unguarded ATMs following a brutal attack on a woman during a robbery attempt at a kiosk in the heart of the city on November 19 had landed him the job as a security guard. "I used to be a mahout back home but it was difficult to feed my family with my earnings. I got a driving licence and thought would look for a job as a car driver in Bangalore where my younger brother works as a security guard. I was told my licence was not valid here and I decided to work as a security guard till I get a valid licence. I joined work on December 3,'' Shabuddin said Monday as he basked in media and police glare.
He said he may have been dozing when the thieves entered the ATM. The men with sickles tied him up. "They hit me with a helmet and I fell unconscious.'' When Shabuddin regained consciousness, there was only one thief inside the kiosk who was hacking away at the ATM. "I freed myself and pressed the door of the kiosk against the intruder. When he tried to run, I tripped him, jumped on him and hit him,'' he said. Shabuddin said he initially thought the constable who helped him was a thief as he was not in uniform. "Being an ATM guard is harder than being a mahout," he said.


Troopers On Lookout for Suspects in ATM Theft

Cash machine stolen from RW's Hamburgers in Palmer required at least two, trooper say

Matthew Smith Matthew F Smith, Digital Producer, msmith@ktuu.com
POSTED: 03:35 PM AKST Dec 26, 2013 
The theft of an ATM from a Palmer restaurant has Alaska State Troopers on the lookout for at least two suspects.
“It’s a couple hundred pounds. It’s a pretty heavy machine,” Ipsen says. “It makes sense it’s at least more than one person just because of the weight.”
Ipsen says the burglars broke in through the restaurant’s back door and dragged the ATM through the restaurant. “Basically it was a forced entry,” Ipsen says. The suspects could face charges related to both burglary and theft.
“It’s an older machine. The machine itself is worth between $500 to $800,” says Judge Chapman, an employee at the restaurant. Chapman says the ATM is owned by a “friend of the owners” and not by a local bank.
Chapman says it’s not the first time businesses in the area have seen theft. He says a nearby coin store was burglarized in May.
Ipsen says Troopers are still collecting evidence and reaching out to the public for help. She says anyone with information can contact Troopers at 907-745-2131, or Crime Stoppers at 907-745-3333. Anonymous tips can be made at the Mat-Su CrimeStoppers website.


Six more arrested in breathtaking $45 million ATM theft

Six more alleged participants were arrested Monday in a $45 million global ATM fraud, including one man who was photographed stuffing $800,000 into a suitcase, federal prosecutors in New York said.
The defendants are alleged to be part of a New York cell that used bogus payment cards to withdraw millions of dollars from more than 100 ATMs in a matter of hours,according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.
Defendants Anthony Diaz, 24; Saul Franjul, 23; Saul Genao, 24; Jaindhi Polanco, 29; and Jose Angeley Valerio, 25, pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit access device fraud, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. They face a possible seven-and-a-half years in prison. A sixth defendant, Franklyn Ferreira, was arrested later on Monday but had not been arraigned, the spokesman said.
Hackers raised the withdrawal limits on the cards after breaking into prepaid Visa and MasterCard credit card processors in the U.S. and India, which handled transactions for the Bank of Muscat, based in Oman, and the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah PSC, also known as RAKBANK, in United Arab Emirates.
The style of attack is known as an “unlimited operation,” prosecutors said. Neither of the prepaid debit-card processors has been identified.

Earlier indictment

The Bank of Muscat lost $40 million in February when criminals made withdrawals, prosecutors said in May when they announced the first indictment.
Franjul is alleged to have packed $800,0000 cash in a suitcase and given it to co-conspirators who then boarded a bus for Florida. The cash was to be delivered to Alberto Yusi Lajud-Peña, one of eight people indicted in May, but who was subsequently found to have been murdered in April in the Dominican Republic.
The attorney’s office released an iPhone photo taken by a co-conspirator that allegedly shows Franjul handling the cash. The New York cell spent proceeds from the heists at high-priced nightclubs and on luxury cars and watches, prosecutors allege.
Two other photos provided by the attorney’s office showed a Facebook post with expensive bottles of alcohol and a receipt for more than $4,000 worth of booze purchased at a New York lounge.
RAKBANK was hit with $5 million in losses after 4,500 ATM withdrawals were made in 20 countries on Dec. 22, 2012. A second large attack between Feb. 19 and 20 saw the Bank of Muscat lose $40 million, withdrawn by people in 20 countries in just 10 hours.
The New York cell is alleged to have withdrawn $2.8 million of RAKBANK’s money in thousands of transactions from 140 ATMs around New York, sending the bulk of it to organizers of the attacks.
Of the eight people indicted in May, four have pleaded guilty to charges related to the thefts, and three others remain charged under a superseding indictment released Monday , prosecutors said.