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Massive Pro - EU protest raging in Ukraine ......Ukrainians protst suspension of EU integration talks and demand President Yanukovich's resignation.....

Live Stream From Escalating Ukraine Protests As Hundreds Of Thousands Take To The Streets

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As reported yesterday, in the aftermath of the violent crackdown on a pro-Europe rally, and the resulting call by the opposition for president Yanukovich's resignation through nationwide strikes, the situation in the Ukraine is increasingly more unstable. Moments ago Reuters reported that Ukrainian nationalist protesters broke into Kiev's city hall and were occupying at least part of the building during mass protests that drew several hundred thousands out on the streets to protest the government's decision to forego an EU deal. Nationalist leader Oleh Tyahniboh told Interfax that representatives of his party had taken over the building. "Today literally 40 minutes ago, our boys took the Kiev Council," he told crowds on Kiev's Independence Square.
Some more detail on the rally itself via Reuters:
Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians shouting "Down with the Gang!" rallied on Sunday against President Viktor Yanukovich's U-turn on Europe and some used a building excavator to try to break through police lines at his headquarters.

The rally, by far the biggest seen in the Ukrainian capital since the Orange Revolution nine years ago, came a day after a police crackdown on protesters that inflamed demonstrators further after Yanukovich's policy switch.

Last month Yanukovich - after months of pressure from former Soviet master Russia - backpedalled from signing a landmark deal on closer relations with the European Union in favour of closer ties with Moscow.

To try to defuse tensions before Sunday's rally, Yanukovich issued a statement saying he would do everything in his power to speed up Ukrainian moves toward the EU.

In a sea of blue and gold, the colours of both the EU and Ukrainian flags, protesters swept into Kiev's Independence Square to hear heavyweight boxer-turned-opposition politician Vitaly Klitschko call for Yanukovich to resign.

"They stole the dream. If this government does not want to fulfil the will of the people, then there will be no such government, there will be no such president. There will be a new government and a new president," he said to cheers.

Far-right nationalist Oleh Tyahniboh, another opposition leader, called for a national strike. "From this day, we are starting a strike," he declared.

"I want my children to live in a country where they don't beat young people," said protester Andrey, 33, the manager of a large company, who declined to give his surname for fear of reprisals against him.
At what point will Russia have to step in, either directly or indirectly, to preserve the new post-USSR world order it has so carefully and meticulously achieved so far?

Clashes in Kiev amid massive pro-EU protests: LIVE UPDATES

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People supporting EU integration hold a rally in Kiev, December 1, 2013. (Reuters / Gleb Garanich)
People supporting EU integration hold a rally in Kiev, December 1, 2013. (Reuters / Gleb Garanich)
Thousands of Ukrainians protesting the suspension of talks on EU integration filled the iconic Maidan in Kiev despite the ban, and the violent ejection of the rally earlier. Chaotic scenes ensued as a group of ‘provocateurs’ stormed a government building.
14:57 GMT: Stones-throwing protesters attempt to retake the street near the presidential administration in Kiev, but are pushed back by riot police. The police have relocated the barricades further down the street.
14:45 GMT: Ukrainian riot police have dispersed the crowd of protesters who were attempting to storm the presidential administration building. Media reports say the police used force, beating people with batons, and that some of the protesters were injured.
14:40 GMT: The Ukrainian opposition leaders claim they have nothing to do with the violent clashes near the presidential building and accuse the government of causing the “provocations.” Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov’s spokesman claims that “the situation is under control” and says that any attempts to turn “legitimate” protests into “unlawful action” will be thwarted.

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