Thursday, December 26, 2013

Louisiana Sinkhole Updates - December 26 , 2013 --- H/T Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle and Assumption Parish Police Jury Blogspots !

Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle......

South Berm Cracked – and SINKING

. . .  AGAIN

Message & photo from the parish blog – 2:00 p.m. Additional Cracks in South Berm– they say “2 p.m.” but they did not post that until night. Many hours later.
AND. . .
Those were NOT “mico-quakes” … they over M3.
Always lowballing the data ….
More parish news … methane coming up NORTH of highway 70 (!)
“The cracking at that time, which has since been repaired, coincided with some sinking of the levee in that area.”
WAFB – Workers find another crack near giant sinkhole
“. . . another danger; natural gas gathering underneath a nearby aquifer.”

Seismic Subtle Shift Towards LA12 + Mon. News

The LA10′s are having the usual outages but look calmer than other areas.LA10-01
But LA12 picks up steam and goes off the charts even more. A solid mass of color. And 17 and 18 have more ‘fuzz’ and big activity than 14.
Dec23_LA12 .  Dec23_LA14
Maybe the south berm is getting ready to break . . .

2:00 p.m. Additional Cracks in South Berm

The South Berm has developed cracks where a previous crack was repaired, as well as new cracks in the lowest part of the berm (in a half moon shape). Attached is a picture of the cracks where previous repair was completed.
Additionally, the Micro Seismic Activity (MEQ) has been up for the last few days, with counts as high as 180 MEQ’s yesterday.
We will keep everyone posted as information develops.Image

11:05 a.m. Flyover Video Uploaded

Today’s flyover video has been uploaded and can be viewed at:

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