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Fukushima nuclear debacle updates - December 9 - 11 , 2013.....A look at the ongoing radiation harm as the Fukushima plume approaches the West Coast.....The latest fromm the purported remediation efforts of Tepcp , NRA and Japan Government ( Three Stooges - modern day tragic- comedy version )

Energy News.... Japan

Asahi Shimbun, Dec. 14, 2013: Record radiation levels detected in well at Fukushima nuke plant[...] 1.8 million becquerels of [strontium and other] beta-ray sources per liter of water were detected at a monitoring well [...] in an area close to the sea near the No. 2 reactor building on Dec. 12. The well is located close to trenches holding highly radioactive water. TEPCO said the reading apparently spiked after highly radioactive water seeped into the surroundings through failed parts of the trenches.
Groundwater from well No. 1-16 (pg. 3), Collected Dec. 12, 2013:
  • Cs-137: 1.8 becquerels per liter (Bq/L)
  • Co-60: 0.55 Bq/L
  • All β: 1,800,000 Bq/L


Fukushima Evacuee: We’re human guinea-pigs in an experiment… we’ll never forgive gov’t or Tepco! — US Attorney: It’s up to the American people to make them pay; Japan is threatening to put people who speak out in concentration camps (AUDIO)

“In 2013, people really interested in radioactive fallout” — US gov’t studying public attention to Fukushima, tracks twitter searches — NRC FOIA: “Libyan war news should now downgrade Fukushima”

US Nuclear Officials: Fuel fragments were likely ejected from cladding at the 3 Fukushima reactors — Particles of fuel resemble highly radioactive ‘mystery black substance’ often seen in Japan since 3/11 (PHOTOS)

Nuclear Expert: Plutonium in water leaking into ocean is “the most dangerous thing” at Fukushima, it can be carried around world and end up on a beach or in fish — Researcher: Plutonium contamination “a serious threat to environment and human health” (AUDIO)

Energy News - US impacts.....

Large die-off of Alaska seabirds from disease never found before in state history — Official: It’s super, super common… except it’s first time — Hundreds dead per km²; Continued to wash ashore — ‘Relatively’ natural; Witness: Head flopped backward, appeared to have seizure, then dropped dead (AUDIO)

CNN: The Pacific has seen its fair share of weird recently — Bay in California “now a massive soup bowl” — “Miles of anchovies, mountains deep” — It’s like none ever recorded… Old timers have never seen anything like this — “We may be experiencing ‘global weirding’” (VIDEO)

Another 20 Navy Sailors: USS Ronald Reagan crew with thyroid cancers, leukemia, brain tumors, bleeding, blindness after Fukushima disaster — Young kids developing problems — Gov’t and Tepco involved in major conspiracy (AUDIO)

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, FVCOM Modeling Assessment of Japan’s Tsunami Event and Impacts of Radionuclides on the Pacific Ocean:

Top: 200 meters; Bottom: 50 meters, variable depth (Z. Lai et al.)
[...] The amount of radiation released in the nuclear accident has threatened the coastal environment with potential impacts on the Pacific Ocean. An international research team was established with the aim of [...] assessing the impact of radionuclides on the surrounding countries around the Pacific. [...] The ocean model used for this activity is the global-coastal nested FVCOM model system. FVCOM is an unstructured grid Finite Volume Community Ocean Model (FVCOM) [...] At 50 m, particles spread over a large region and reach the western US coast after 5 years. [...] At 200 m, particles stay in the narrow region and move eastward. >> Watch all 16 forecast models on the university’s website here (Bottom of page)
ASR Limited: Marine Consulting (No longer updating plume model):

ASR Limited
Radioactivity levels in the seawater outside of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant continue to ignite concerns over the spread of highly radioactive material [...] The unusually high rates of radiation found in the turbine rooms — and now in the ocean — have fueled concerns that water may be seeping from at least one of the reactor cores, leaks that could release longer-lasting and much riskier forms of contamination.” Government officials have stated that they are not sure whether the primary containment vessels have been breached. [...] Officials continue to stress that contaminants will become diluted as currents carry them farther offshore. [...] ASR modeling of the radioactive seawater tells a different story, cause for serious alarm. While these models do not estimate levels of radioactivity in the surrounding waters, the assumption that nearby currents will quickly dilute the radioactive material does not appear to be accurate. [...] >> Watch the ASR model here

Study: Dead sea creatures covered 98% of seafloor last year about 150 miles off California coast; Unprecedented, had been below 1% prior to event — ‘Major’ changes began in spring 2011

Berkeley official requests Health Dept. inform public of elevated risks from Fukushima contamination; Council to vote on plan next week — Fairfax Official: “No one’s monitoring radiation levels on West Coast… Gov’t is not doing its job” (VIDEO)

“Weird things” happening on California coast: Previously unknown toxic algae blooms proliferating; Unprecedented mass of oxygen-poor water near shore — TV: Mystery strandings of large squid covered miles and experts baffled… “essentially killing themselves, it’s just really weird” (VIDEO)

Fukushima Diary..........

NRA hasn’t held the meeting for contaminated water problem for over a month / The last one was cancelled

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NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) hasn’t held the working group meeting about the contaminated water issue since 10/24/2013.
In order to supervise Tepco to settle the contaminated water issue, they organized the working group and held the meeting approx 2 ~ 5 times a month since this August.
The last meeting on 11/12/2013 was cancelled. They haven’t announced the next schedule.

[The reason of sticking to groundwater bypass plan] Tepco “For some reason”

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It was almost baseless why Tepco was sticking to groundwater bypass plan. Tepco’s vice president Aizawa stated that in the press conference of 12/11/2013.

Aizawa commented, they “thought” the source of groundwater flowing to Fukushima plant was Abukuma mountain range, where is in 10~20 km west of Fukushima plant.
However they “realized” the groundwater is mainly from the rainfall inside of the plant area based on the latest simulation published this December.
He says groundwater bypass plan was based on the assumption that the groundwater is coming from the mountain range, but now that the groundwater source turned out to be rainfall, paving the plant area is more effective.
About the reason why they thought the groundwater source was the mountain range, Aizawa stated “for some reason”.

Tepco is planning to pave more than half of the plant area (1.9 km2 / 3.5 km2) to reduce the groundwater flowing to the plant buildings, which is estimated to be 400m3 per day.

Tepco lost the layout drawing of pipes and drains in Fukushima plant / Office ruined and entirely contaminated

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The layout drawings of pipes and drains and other important documents of Fukushima nuclear plant were lost, according to Tepco.
Tepco’s vice president Aizawa and Fukushima chief Ono stated that in the press conference of 12/11/2013.

The pipe / drain maps and other important documents were kept in the management office in Fukushima nuclear plant.
However because the office was significantly damaged and also contaminated, still they can’t take out those documents. Some of those documents are also too contaminated to take out.

Fukushima nuclear plant was designed decades ago. Even the vice presidents and Fukushima chief cannot comprehend the entire structure of the facility without the material.
Tepco doesn’t have the actual plan to take those documents out yet.

JP Gov “No drastic technology to remove Tritium was found in internationally collected knowledge”

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Following up this article.. Japanese gov started asking for the international advice for contaminated water issue [URL]

Japanese government concluded there is no drastic technology to remove Tritium in the world.
They requested the international world for the information and knowledge about contaminated water issue from 9/25 to 10/23/2013.
780 proposals were collected and 182 of them were about the technology to treat Tritium.
After the review from late October to November, the expert review panel concluded this below,
Tritium could be separated theoretically, but there is no practical separation technology on an industrial scale. Accordingly, a controlled environmental release is said to be the best way to treat low-tritium-concentration water.

JP Gov "No drastic technology to remove Tritium was found in internationally collected knowledge"