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Fukushima Nuclear debacle updates November 27 , 2013 -- Updates on the first operation to remove spent fuel rods from the Spent Fuel Pool at Reactor Building Four .....Updates on the radiation impacts on both the Pacific at large , sea life in the Pacific , detailing strange behavior of sea life and birds impacted by Fukushima radiation....

November 30th.....

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Second Set Of Unit 4 Fuel Loaded In Common Pool

Second Set Of Unit 4 Fuel Loaded In Common Pool
TEPCO reports as of November 30, 2013 JST the second set of 22 fuel assemblies were loaded into the fuel racks of the common pool. The work was completed about 5pm JST according to NHK. NHK also reports that TEPCO will now give spent fuel priority for removal over the unused assemblies in the pool. This article would not be possible without the extensive efforts of the SimplyInfo research team Join the conversation at All content is copyright … Read entire article »

Who Really Runs Fukushima Daiichi?

Who Really Runs Fukushima Daiichi?
Much has been made about the contractor system at Fukushima Daiichi, the worker abuses and cut rate construction. This only looks at one aspect of the contractor system at the plant. Tasks like tank construction have been given out to layers of subcontractors but these subcontractors only do some of the work at the plant. Much of the work falls …Read entire article »

Unit 3 Spent Fuel Pool; Debris Removal Preparation Begins

Unit 3 Spent Fuel Pool; Debris Removal Preparation Begins
Kyodo News announced yesterday that preparations are underway to remove the debris from the unit 3 spent fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi. The debris in unit 3′s spent fuel pool is much more excessive and complicated than unit 4. In unit 3′s pool is a tangle of rebar and concrete along with the refueling crane. The refueling crane apparently fell …Read entire article »

2nd Fuel Transfer From Unit 4 Completed

2nd Fuel Transfer From Unit 4 Completed
TEPCO has removed another cask from unit 4 and transported it to the common pool on November 29th JST. Kyodo News flew their helicopter over the plant in defiance of TEPCO’s claim these fuel transfers can not be photographed. This is the second cask transfer to take place from unit 4. The first one moved unused fuel assemblies. The second … Read entire article »

US Group Calls For Radiation Monitoring Of Food Supply

US Group Calls For Radiation Monitoring Of Food Supply
A US grassroots group is urging the public to support a set of efforts to improve food monitoring in the US against radioactive contamination. The fallout from Fukushima that fell on the US and that which has been crossing the Pacific has been an area of concern with residents of the US and Canada. Government agencies have declared the issue to …Read entire article »

Warning Alarm At Fukushima Daiichi Caused By Rat Pee

Warning Alarm At Fukushima Daiichi Caused By Rat Pee
TEPCO was again foiled by rats. A warning alarm went off in the electrical switching gear at the plant. Workers investigating the cause discovered a rat had urinated on the alarm wiring. TEPCO has had multiple power outages caused by rats electrocuting themselves as they crawled into the replacement electrical switching equipment. Workers previously filled spaces in the electrical boxes … Read entire article »

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( Japan literally shuts up dissension .... )


TEPCO Drops Video Camera into #Fukushima Reactor 3 Spent Fuel Pool by Accident, and Other Japanese Et Cetera

Feel like rolling our collective eyes and saying "Whatever...", or "WTF?" (take your pick)?

Here we go...

1. Ever-clumsy TEPCO drops a video camera into the Reactor 3 Spent Fuel Pool.
From Kyodo News (11/28/2013):


TEPCO announced on November 28 that a monitoring camera was dropped into the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 3 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant by mistake, during the preparation work for the removal of debris inside the pool. The camera weighs about 5.5 kilograms, and the company says there is no danger of fuel damage from the drop.


According to TEPCO, when the workers pulled the monitoring camera out of the water via the remote control, the cable snapped, and the camera dropped from the height of several meters. The cable snapped when it was wound up too tight, and the safety mechanism to prevent the tight winding failed to work.

Unlike Reactor 4's operating floor, Reactor 3's operating floor is too radioactive for humans (and for robots, probably) with one location above the shield plug exceeding 2 Sievert/hour air dose rate.

2. The 33rd Ministry of Justice human rights essay contest for junior high school students has been won by a student in Miyagi Prefecture who wrote not buying Fukushima's peaches because of radiation fear was the same as him being "discriminated" against by his classmate for being a Chinese national.

Refusing the Fukushima produce because of radiation fear is tantamount to racial discrimination, according to the student and the Ministry of Justice who selected his essay as the best of the best this year. (The essay in PDF here, for those of you who read Japanese.) Not buying Fukushima produce, as the government tells you to? You're racist (or, transliterated into Japanese as "reishisuto" with "r" pronounced like "l")!

3. Perishable food price in Japan shot up 16.6% compared to a year ago, with overall consumer price (including food and energy) up 1.1%, according to Reuters Japan. BOJ's Kuroda seems happy that his "QE from another dimension" (or I'd call it Twilight Zone QE) is working, the media paints it as evidence that "Abenomics" (or "Avenomics" ) is working. Good luck, working class citizens of Japan.

4. A citizen was forcibly removed from the balcony in the Diet where he was observing the debate of the State Secrecy Protection Law in the Lower House on November 26, 2013, as he shouted his opposition to the passage of the law. His mouth was stuffed with cloth so that he couldn't shout any more while being removed by several guards against his will.

(From Tokyo Shinbun, 11/26/2013, via this tweet)

What's even scarier to me than the man being forcibly removed by the guards is people sitting near him. They just sit there as if nothing is happening. They are not even looking; the one in the same row even looks away.

5. While the above citizen was being hauled away by security guards, the Representatives in the Lower House in the supposedly tense and heated debate over the State Secrecy Protection Law were anything but tense and heated, according to Nikkan Gendai (11/27/2013).

Nikkan Gendai claims a Representative from Democratic Party of Japan, a hawk who has more in common with LDP and Prime Minister Abe, gave a speech voicing his "opposition", sat down, and started checking emails on his cellphone. The photo shows some "Mama" praising him for the wonderful speech:

Energy News.......Japan in focus.....

Insiders: State secrets bill meant to suppress Fukushima news — Japan public stunned, citizens could face years in prison — Man has mouth “stuffed with cloth” after voicing opposition — Toxic leaks into ocean seem unstoppable, gov’t must plug the information instead (PHOTO

Hidden gov’t forecast shows Fukushima contamination spread throughout Northern Pacific Ocean in 5 years (VIDEO)

AFP: Scientist warns of new flood of radioactive particles around Fukushima — Those who escaped initial fallout could now be exposed — People in coastal areas at particular risk

Seismologist: Coastline beneath Fukushima nuclear plant could crack open during quake — Japan sits with possibility of having it ripped open (AUDIO)

Press Release: ‘Dust’ is inside spent rods at Unit 4 — Footage shows corroded and discolored tops of fuel assemblies — NHK airs film of container dropping from crane during test (VIDEO)

Professor: Fukushima is absolutely horrifying — Radiation will be entering Pacific for decades, there’s no end in sight — Nobody has a solution, problems are unprecedented (VIDEO)

Secrecy law approved in Japan — AP: Prison for ‘inappropriate reporting’ — Official: We’re on path to be fascist state — Fear Fukushima cover-ups to worsen

Unpublished Data: Plutonium levels ‘slightly elevated’ in Pacific after Fukushima — Scientist: It’s ‘most likely’ flowing from plant into ocean — 2.5 trillion Bq of plutonium released to air in four days after 3/11, almost all blown out to sea (AUDIO)

Nuclear Professors: Every engineer is really scared about fuel removal at Unit 4 — I advised gov’t to be ready to use explosives to collapse pool after 3/11 (VIDEOS)

Energy News - US / Canada  impacts.....

CBC News: Something very odd happening in Pacific; Sea creatures acting strangely, species turning up where rarely seen — Related to Fukushima crisis? — L.A. Lifeguard: Used to be 2 shark sightings a year, now it’s 2 a day (VIDEOS)

Expansive ‘death zone’ of birds on Alaska island, perhaps thousands washed ashore — Resident: Radiation’s always on the backs of our minds — Samples sent to lab for testing — Reporter: ‘Facebook alarmists’ fear Fukushima to blame

CBC: Gov’t scientists are now detecting Fukushima’s radioactive plume offshore of Canada — Professor: It’s headed to our coast, I think monitoring rainfall over next couple years is prudent (AUDIO)

Gov’t model shows West Coast of N. America to get highest level of Fukushima contamination until 2030s (VIDEO)

TV: Serious concerns in U.S. about Fukushima radioactive material coming to our shores — WSJ: There’s concern around world that ocean currents are spreading the radioactivity to faraway places (VIDEO)

Fukushima Diary......

“Small animal” caused the power trouble in Fukushima plant again / Dung as evidence

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.

Fukushima nuclear plant has had the power trouble 3 times due to “mouse” in the power system since this March.
They had another power trouble on 11/26/2013. Tepco found the dungs of small animal, concluded a small animal got into the connector board.

Around 7AM of 11/26/2013, the alarm went off at a power transformer.
After the first power trouble caused by a mouse this March, Tepco took prevention not to let small animal enter the power system, but they found 1cm×1cm space in the investigation. Tepco assumes a small animal entered the panel from the space.

(cf,The blackout was caused by a mouse in the panel board, the board has been left on the truck since 3/18/2011 [URL])
(cf, Tepco stopped coolant system of SFP reactor2 for finding TWO rats in power transformer [URL 2])
(cf, [Again] Charger panel in Fukushima Daini disordered due to a rat [URL 3])

[Photo] The gap of temperature around fuel assembly captured by underwater camera

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.

Following up this article.. [Video] First spent fuel removal from reactor4 pool (underwater camera) [URL]
[Photo] The gap of temperature around fuel assembly captured by underwater camera
The underwater camera captured the temperature gap when the spent fuel assembly was pulled up by the crane.
The “steam”-like form of water is observed near the bottom of the fuel.
Tepco hasn’t announced the specific temperature of the fuel and the pool water.

↓ 8:48 ~

[Video] First spent fuel removal from reactor4 pool (underwater camera)

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.

Following up this article.. Tepco finished loading the first 22 spent fuel assemblies to the container [URL]
[Video] Spent fuel removal by underwater camera
Tepco released the video of the  first spent fuel removal taken by an underwater camera. The recording date was 11/26/2013.
Tepco’s spokesman states the scale is formed on the handle part of assembly and oxide film covers the surface of assembly.
Small pieces of debris are between the rack and the assembly, it leaves the scratching damage on the body of assembly when it’s pulled up by the crane.

Tepco started pumping up the groundwater around the leaked tank

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.

In order to prevent the further spread of contaminated water underground, Tepco finally made 5 borings and started pumping up groundwater on 11/26/2013.
Fukushima Diary has been reporting the increasing contamination level of groundwater near the tank area that experienced 300m3 of leakage.
(cf, All β nuclide density of groundwater still increasing beside the tank area / “Where is the contamination source ?” [URL])
The pumped water will be added to the spare tank of 4000 tonnes capacity. Tepco will end up having more contaminated water to treat.
This means Tepco officially admitted the leaked contaminated water penetrated underground to touch the groundwater.

Fukushima Diary also reported the rising groundwater level, which may have something to do with the impervious walls on the coastal line.
(cf, Groundwater level rising in the tank area / only 40cm to the ground surface [URL 2])
Having started pumping up the groundwater, Tepco didn’t mention the rising groundwater level.