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West Texas Fertilizer Explosion and Ricin mystery letters - follow ups on last week's Big News items apart from Boston !

Followed on Waco mystery explosion - and " explosive " back story items.....

Missile Strike Appears To Have Destroyed West Texas Fertilizer Plant

April 23, 2013
With everyone’s attention on the Boston Marathon bombings there have been a few events that occurred last week that have flown under the radar. On Wednesday April 17th 2013 there was an explosion at a fertilizer plant in West Texas that killed several people and injured hundreds. Raw video footage showing the plant on fire and the subsequent explosion shows what looks like a missile blowing up the complex. A very distinct sound can be heard right before the blast indicating that some sort of object traveling at a very high rate of speed was fired into the area. The corporate media has claimed that something inside the plant set off the larger explosion but if you carefully watch the footage it is obvious that this was not the case. The explosion was reported to have been felt up to 50 miles away and even registered 2.1 on the Richter scale creating an enormous mushroom cloud. This is similar to the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building which resulted in a 3.0 reading on the Richter scale. The blast left a crater 30 yards across and 15 yards deep. Barry Murry a local resident who lives a mile away from the plant compared the blast to a bomb going off when speaking with CNN and this is just one of several eyewitness accounts comparing it as such. Common sense would dictate that this type of seismic activity and the crater size could have only occurred with the use of a powerful missile or bomb and the video evidence certainly supports it.

Angle #1 Of Explosion

Angle #2 Of Explosion

Slow Motion Analysis Of Footage

Texas Plant Explosion Compared To Munition Strike
There are some back stories to this now destroyed fertilizer plant which are of interest. The first one is that there have been reports that the plant had been storing 270 tons of ammonium nitrate which is 1,350 times the amount that would normally require safety oversight by the Department of Homeland Security. It is also being reported that the plant housed a large quantity of anhydrous ammonium which can be used to create ammonium nitrate when combined with nitric acid. Up until the time of the plant explosion, the Department of Homeland Security claims that they had no knowledge of any ammonium nitrate being stored at this facility although other government agencies are reported to have had records of what was stored there.
Ammonium nitrate is the same substance that Tim McVeigh used for the Ryder truck bomb that was parked outside of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building the day of the Oklahoma City bombing. So here we have a plant that is reported to have stored large quantities of ammonium nitrate that conveniently gets set on fire and explodes a few days prior to the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. This is quite an amazing coincidence with the ammonium nitrate angle giving the media all sorts of chances to invoke memories of Oklahoma City.
Another interesting back story to this fertilizer plant is that the company that ran the plant called the West Fertilizer Company had filed a 2007 class action lawsuit against Monsanto for artificially inflating prices of its Roundup product. Since at least 1997 this company had done a good amount of business with Monsanto but evidently the relationship went south in recent years resulting in this lawsuit. A judge denied a request to certify the case which prompted an appeal from the West Fertilizer Company that a district judge has yet to rule on. The company was represented by approximately 30 lawyers at 12 firms according to a Wall Street Journal article which analyzed the court records.
Monsanto has been regarded by many researchers as one of the most evil companies on the planet due to their involvement in weapons manufacturing and genetically modified foods. Those claims are not off-base considering that this is the company that was responsible for developing wonderfully horrible substances like Agent Orange. Even though it is impossible to say if this lawsuit had any connection to the events that occurred this past week, there is little question that Monsanto is a powerful company with powerful connections. This lawsuit gives us more perspective as to what may or may not have been going on with this company and the fertilizer plant. Undoubtedly, they were creating quite the annoyance for a powerful company with historical connections to the U.S. military and the federal government. It is a guarantee that high level executives at Monsanto aren’t shedding any tears over this company’s plant being blown up.
Curiously enough there was also a huge emergency preparedness drill set to take place at the North Hills Hospital around the same time that the plant explosion occurred. The North Hills Hospital is roughly an hour’s drive away from the now blown up fertilizer plant. According to the North Hills Hospital blog, they cancelled the drill so resources could be shifted over to help the victims of the blast. There has also been a report of an unusually large number of FEMA vehicles spotted in the Waco Texas area before the plant explosion. Much like the Boston Marathon bombing and other suspicious events resulting in chaos, death and destruction we have another government sanctioned drill happening in the general area at around the same time. Admittedly this is less suspicious than the drills that have occurred during other events, but it does raise questions.
The original cause of the plant fire is still said to be officially unknown but it seems clear based upon the video evidence available that some sort of missile or airborne projectile was used to fully destroy the plant and the surrounding area. Local officials are claiming that there was no criminal activity involved in starting the fire but they have also remarked at the large size of the crater. The crater is an obvious characteristic of a missile or bomb blast despite what the local authorities and the corporate media whores are saying.
One thing worth noting is that there were more people killed in this plant explosion than in the Boston Marathon bombings. Despite this, the event has not been given anywhere near the same amount of attention. It should be clear to all why this is the case considering what the video footage shows. There is absolutely no reason to pay any sort of attention to what the corporate media shills are saying about what happened unless you are looking for some comedic relief. All these people do is parrot what people in government tell them in order to protect the evil of the power structure. Even when the video footage obviously shows a projectile traveling at a high velocity blowing up the fertilizer plant they are going to treat you like you are stupid and act like they have no idea what caused the plant to explode. It is surprising that these clowns haven’t started telling people that the sky is purple on a sunny day. We also have Larry Klayman the Jewish founder of Judicial Watch promoting a conspiracy theory about how Muslims might be behind the plant explosion with no proof. Apparently Klayman would prefer we believe his ridiculous conspiracy theory instead of watching video documentation of the plant being blown up with a missile strike. On top of this, paid Internet trolls have come out in full force claiming that people who think a missile destroyed the fertilizer plant are crazy which is ridiculous if you watch and hear what’s in the video footage.
Unfortunately there are also people in the alternative media like Mark Dice who is claiming that anyone who thinks it was a missile strike is a crazy conspiracy theorist living in their Mom’s basement. He attempted to prove this by showing a video of someone claiming that the plant was blown up by a nuclear strike when the vast majority of people questioning this are not making that assertion. The fact that Dice would create a straw man argument like this by showing a single person with a bizarre theory raises serious questions about his credibility. It is the equivalent of finding a single person who claims that the Godzilla monster brought down the Twin Towers on September 11th as a way to discredit anyone who has questions about the September 11th attacks. The fact that Dice is putting out rubbish like this actually gives more credibility to the prospect that the fertilizer plant was hit with some sort of missile strike.
We also have this plant explosion occurring in West Texas which is a town just north of Waco Texas. Conveniently like the Oklahoma City bombing this happens right around the anniversary of the 1993 government sanctioned raid of the Waco Texas based Branch Davidians which resulted in the slaughter of many innocent women and children. Instead of the media presenting the events as occurring in West Texas, they would keep saying that the explosion occurred just north of Waco Texas. Again, we have the media shills invoking memories of the Waco Texas raid as a means to manipulate their audience. This is just one more coincidence that we need to consider.
It is terrible to think that the federal government would use military assets against the American people. However, we must understand that the Obama regime has had no problem using drone strikes to kill women and children in foreign lands. This man and the people associated with him are documented war criminals and entirely psychotic. It might sound crazy to the average person to hear this but it is doubtful the people in charge would have any problem using military assets including drone strikes against the American people.
It is difficult to explain a rational motive for this other than the fact that we are dealing with some sick people. These are individuals who would have no problem killing and injuring a bunch of people as part of a ritualistic PSYOP to invoke memories of previous government sanctioned slaughters such as the aforementioned Oklahoma City bombing and the Waco Texas raid. The Monsanto connection could have been another reason or maybe there was something more sinister going on behind the scenes of the plant that made it necessary to facilitate a cover up. Admittedly this is all speculation, but when you are dealing with sick and crazy lunatics who run the United States government, anything is possible.
Even if you don’t believe my own conclusions, I strongly encourage everyone to carefully watch the video footage. Pay no attention to what the propagandists are saying and make up your own mind.

Ricin Case: Charges Dropped Against Miss. Man

The federal probe of poisoned letters sent to President Obama and others has taken an abrupt change of course. On Tuesday, U.S. prosecutors dropped charges against the Mississippi man first arrested in the case. FBI agents have taken their search for clues to another man's house in Tupelo.
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This is MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm David Greene.
And I'm Steve Inskeep. Here's another reminder that a fast moving news story can completely change. Prosecutors have dropped the charges against Paul Kevin Curtis. He's the Elvis impersonator first arrested in the case of ricin being sent to U.S. officials, as we reported last week.
Now we're reporting, just as prominently, the change in focus to another Mississippi man's house. NPR's Debbie Elliott has been following this case. He's on the line. Hi, Debbie.
DEBBIE ELLIOTT, BYLINE: Hi, Steve. Good morning.
INSKEEP: Good morning. So what happened?
ELLIOTT: Well, it appears federal prosecutors weren't able to build a case against Curtis, the Elvis impersonator from Corinth, Mississippi. That's in the northern part of the state.
INSKEEP: Mm-hmm.
ELLIOTT: And in a federal court filing yesterday they cited new evidence in the investigation, but they didn't really give us any details about what that evidence might be. Now, this happened while he was in the midst of a hearing that was mysteriously canceled yesterday morning - a preliminary hearing intended to find out what the evidence was against him.
And on Monday at that hearing, an FBI agent had testified that a search of Curtis' home and vehicle did not turn up any evidence of the poison in question, ricin, and that there was no indication that he had ever even researched, you know, how to make the dangerous poison.
INSKEEP: So basically the evidence against him was that his name was on the letters? But he said he was framed; he was set up.
ELLIOTT: Right. That's what his lawyer has said from the beginning - that there was no physical evidence and that possibly he was framed. There were three letters that were all postmarked from Memphis, where a good bit of mail from north Mississippi is processed.
INSKEEP: Mm-hmm.
ELLIOTT: They went to President Obama, Republican U.S. Senator Roger Wicker - who is from a little town just outside of Tupelo - and a local judge there in north Mississippi. All of them were signed: I am KC and I approve this message. Now that is a sign off that Curtis was known to use on Facebook and in letters and elsewhere. Now, as he stood outside of the Oxford federal courthouse yesterday saying he might be rethinking his social media behavior.
KEVIN CURTIS: I have always signed, for 15 years: This is KC and I approved this video, this is KC and I approved this message. And I did that purposely so word would spread all over the world that when they see my video, when they see something in politics that I am convicted and I stand strong with, they'll go, oh, yeah, the Elvis guy. And so I wanted that connection. But the very connection got me arrested.
ELLIOTT: Now he acknowledges that he understands why federal authorities might have targeted him, given the similarities.
INSKEEP: He says the right thing, that they came and questioned him but of course there is a dark side to fame, even small fame. He found that out. But where does this leave the investigation? This means there is still somebody out there who sent these letters laced with poison.
ELLIOTT: Right. And yesterday afternoon, just as he was being released from jail, FBI agents apparently took their search to another man's house in Tupelo. They started yesterday afternoon and finished up about 11 o'clock last night, not really saying what they were looking for.
Members of the state's chemical response team were also there. They fanned out into the neighborhood looking through wooded areas and ditches. The man who lives in that house is J. Everett Dutschke. He has told local newspapers and the AP that agents have searched his home and were there a little bit last week. Federal officials have not said anything about him.
We do know that he was also a musician and had a relationship with Curtis, and the two...
INSKEEP: The Elvis impersonator.
ELLIOTT: ...apparently - yes.
ELLIOTT: And the two had apparently been in a dispute. His lawyer is saying he's cooperating fully with the FBI and has not been charged. So that's about all we know at this point.
INSKEEP: Debbie, thanks for the update.
INSKEEP: That's NPR's Debbie Elliott.

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