david sokol
The Wall Street Journal's Sharon Ng and Jean Eaglesham have an exclusive with David Sokol that's giving us chills.
Sokol was the Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary executive that many considered to be a frontrunner to replace Warren Buffett as CEO.
In 2011, Sokol resigned in the wake of what appeared to be an insider trading scandal.
However, the SEC dropped its investigation into Sokol yesterday, and now he has broken his silence.
Mr. Buffett had praised Mr. Sokol's contributions to Berkshire upon the executive's departure and said he didn't feel the trades were "in any way unlawful." But weeks after the resignation, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO made scathing remarks about Mr. Sokol's actions, calling them "inexcusable" and "inexplicable" and saying they violated the company's code of ethics.