Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Economic News , Data & Views....October 18 , 2017.....Topics To Consider today-1) Markets : Asia- Economic Calendar For Asia - Thursday , Market Moving Data & News ; US - More Record Closes For US Stocks , Earning Reports From Ebay , Alcoa , American Express , Kinder Morgan & UAL ; Additional Items Of Note. 2) US Political News - Puerto Rico Updates ; DC Swampland News ( Tax Reform , Healthcare , Various Russia Related Investigations ) ; Additional Political Items Of Note To Consider. 3) Spain - Hours Away Potentially From Article 155 Being Imposed , Spain Awaits The Reply Of Catalan Gov't President Regarding Independence Declaration - Cat & Mouse Game Continues. 4) EU-UK Talks - Today's "Back & Forth" Between PM May & EU Leadership. 5) Ukraine - Protests Increasing As Restless Citizens Take To The Streets Again , Second Maidan On The Way Perhaps , Additional Items On Ukraine. 6) Odds & Ends - From Across The Globe.



Asia calendar for Thursday.

GDP 6.8%, Exp. 6.8% Industrial Production 6.6%, Exp. 6.4% Retail Sales 10.3%, Exp. 10.2%

Its China GDP day. Estimates are between 6.6 and 6.9% growth for 3Q. Here’s the official “man-made” growth number & the Li Keqiang Index

Australia full-time employment +6.1K, Last +40.1K part-time employment +13.7K, Last +14.1K

Sept Trade balance ( Japan ) is better than expected. 4th month in a row of surplus status.

Kobe Steel allegedly passed down how-to memos detailing deceptive practice for years

Japan Securities Regulator Said To Probe Toshiba Reports Nikkei

Brokerages Halt 2 Kobe Steel-Linked Note Sales, Nikkei Says In light of the company being a fraud, this is prudent

Yomiuri: Japan considers capability to intercept Chinese cruise missiles as well as North Korean ballistic missiles

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, and ships steam together during an exercise east of the Korean Peninsula, Oct. 18.


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Another day of record closes , ground hog day lives on.

S&P 500: 239 consecutive trading days without a 3% pullback. 3 more days for the record...

Q3 17 Earnings Results: -Adj EPS: $0.48 (Estimate $0.48) -Revenue: $2.41B (Estimate $2.37B)

United Continental Q3 17 Earnings Results: -Adj EPS: $2.22 (Estimate $2.19) -Revenue: $9.88B (Estimate $9.87B)

Alcoa Q3 17 Earnings Results: -Adj EPS: $0.72 (Estimate $0.74) -Revenue: $3.0B (Estimate $2.93B)

Kinder Morgan Q3 17 Earnings Results: -EPS: $0.15 (Estimate $0.15) -Revenue: $3.28B (Estimate $3.23B)

American Express Q3 17 Earnings Results: -EPS: $1.50 (Estimate $1.48) -Revenue: $8.4B (Estimate $8.32B)

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This !!!


NEW: Bipartisan bill to extend ObamaCare subsidies is likely dead

Corker signs on as co-sponsor of Alexander-Murray health care bill after Trump opposes it.

: Lewandowski met with Senate Intel in Trump-Russia probe: report


At WH Wyden says he made it “clear in today’s meeting that there is an enormous chasm between the rhetoric &..reality of the Trump tax plan”

Stay tuned..

Hopefully, the Senate Judiciary Committee is closely examining all of the moving pieces here.

Bipartisan ObamaCare compromise collapses even quicker than you’d expect

It's official: Warner and Klobuchar announcing their political ad disclosure bill tomorrow -- and they have a GOP co-sponsor, Sen. McCain

Not yet...

Sessions says confident he did not have to recuse himself from decision to fire Comey.

Replying to 
because based on comey's performance, not on merits of the investigation

Senate Judiciary Committee to probe what appears on the face to be alleged collusion involving Russia.

Trump can't help himself , can't stop creating "own goal" controversies.

Colleague Catherine Herridge rpts Fusion GPS figures Peter Fritsch & Joshua Levy to appear before Hse Intel Cmte today about Trump dossier

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Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dismisses US leader's call for tougher sanctions on Tehran

“Anything propping [ObamaCare] up is only saving what Republicans promised to dismantle"-Rep Mark Walker , Chmn-Republican Study Committee.

Puerto Rico....

The organization is also asking for the repeal of the Jones Act

En el área metropolitana se espera conectar muchos sectores antes del 23 de octubre.
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In the metropolitan area is expected to connect many sectors before October 23.

Para la semana que viene se espera poder restablecer la energía en áreas críticas de Humacao y Fajardo.
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For the coming week is expected to be able to restore power in critical areas of Humacao and Fajardo.

Conexiones parciales de luz en Arecibo, Cidra, Coamo, Guánica, Guayanilla, Ponce, Yauco y Santa Isabel.
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Partial connections of light in Arecibo, Cidra, Coamo, Guánica, Guayanilla, Ponce, Yauco and Santa Isabel.

AEE: “un 19.1% de clientes tiene servicio”
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AEE: "a 19.1% of customers have service"

Public Affairs Sec said restoration of power grid will cost $1.3 billion but argued FEMA could cover big portion of the cost

Governor argued public schools could expect a loss of around 3,500 students if we "extrapolate" from those who have left

Public Affairs secretary said that with the help of Sat COWs, telecommunication services are at 60%, which this month's goal

Gov Rosselló pleaded the Fed Senate to "act quickly" in approving the amended aid package b/ PR needs the money "next week"

Engineers are assessing the damages in the public schools infrastructure. Evaluations are also divided by regions


Latest cat and mouse games....1

Latest cat and mouse games....2

⚠ Catalan president to officially declare independence if Spain suspend self-government

Here is the state of play for now , as per Catalan News..

Rajoy seems to be wavering a bit..

Rajoy wants clear a statement regarding declaration of independence , what will Puigdemont say or do ?

Additional leaders being jailed in realm of possibilities...

Rajoy threatens to do whatever it takes...

Spanish Justice Min Catala: Spain Is Ready To Apply ‘All Legal Instruments’ To Catalonia – El Pais

Guess we have to wait and see how the Catalan leadership responds to this proposal.

UK-EU Talks...

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German govt source: "Questions of EU-UK future relationship of far more importance than the current dispute about finances"

Mid November looks likely now...

EU’s Tusk: Concrete Proposals Needed From UK -Still Possible To Advance Brexit Talks In December

Stay tuned..

Theresa May: (on “no-deal” ) what we're currently doing is working, it would be irresponsible not to prepare for all scenarios


The Hotel Kolyba in totally destroyed by shelling

French drug company says it might pull out of Ukraine due to raids on accounts | KyivPost

BREAKING: 'Car ploughs into pedestrians in Kharkiv, Ukraine'. 'Many victims'.. more soon

Keep your eyes on the Ukraine. Unrest with Gov't is growing.

Protesters demand parliament votes to strip lawmakers of immunity | KyivPost

Odds & Ends...

Scotiabank mulls sale of gold trading unit: sources

I bet the technical glitch is lack of money.

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In last 2 days preparing for 's total defeat in . We have pre-positioned aid, will help clear IEDs, restore services. 1/6


Tit for tat blacklisting on deck..Russia set to return blacklist favor given to certain Russia Media Outlets

They do keep repeating this.


Not just Hollywood...

Keep in mind , for now , the US has not withdrawn from JCOPA.

Iraqi forces heading west to begin campaign against on Iraq-Syria border, to fight those who fled .

Western Canada dealing with wildfires now.

Why is a Malta MEP fearing for his life , what might Galiza have told him?

Germany: Forsa poll CDU/CSU-EPP: 32% SPD-S&D: 20% AfD-ENF: 12% FDP-ALDE: 11% GRÜNE-G/EFA: 11% LINKE-LEFT: 9%

- Parliament speaker calls on President Masoud Barzani to resign and for a new beginning for based on democracy